Quilt Tour & Lattice Update

Today I stopped by Wish Upon A Quilt on my way home to take advantage of a sale. Today was the kick off for “passport” purchasing for the Quilt Tour, and all participating stores had sales. Wish’s sale was 20% off three or more items. Bernina had a 20% off all fabric, but I decided to go by Wish instead because I needed more of a fabric I had purchased there before. I am actually starting to like Wish more than Bernina. I love Ursula at Bernina and how their fabric is arranged, but Wish has many more packs of precuts and other fun things that give me ideas on what to make next.

I am looking forward to the Quilt Tour, it will be a good way to check out new shops I never knew about. Of course, by then we will have a one month old baby… so hopefully by then I will have mastered the art of packing the kid up and venturing out on my own. Since I will be on maternity leave, there probably won’t be much room in the budget (or any) for purchases, but it will still be good to see all the stores and get ideas for future projects. Buying the passport also means I will be entered in drawings for door prizes at the shops I visit, and each shop included a free pattern with the passport. Not all of the patterns are something I would make, but there were some that I liked.

I may have gotten a little carried away at Wish. I went with the intention of getting what I need to finish my lattice quilt: fabric for the back, more black fabric (I’m a bit short for the binding due to a pregnancy brain mistake) and batting. I ended up getting those three things and several others, including a new pattern, a jelly roll for that pattern, a quilt kit (pattern plus front fabric), and some odds and ends like binding safety pins. When I came home I told Sean I didn’t need a birthday present because I was pretty sure I had just bought my own. Quilting can be expensive! Needless to say, I should be busy for a while with quilting projects, especially considering I haven’t even started on the burp cloths and changing pads I bought material for last week.

The lattice quilt is progressing nicely, and is larger than I had thought a lap quilt would be. The thing is the same length as our kitchen table (seats 6). I have all the “units” I mentioned in previous posts assembled, and have spent the past couple nights piecing it together. I have completed the first two vertical rows and have several more left to go. I am not sure how fast I will make progress on it, I have made it this far mostly out of stubbornness. By the end of the last two nights my back has been killing me. Tonight I nearly called it quits, but kept going because I really wanted to complete the second row. I think when I am done with this one, the changing pads and burp cloths will be next just because they should be quick and simple… my back can’t take another quilt until after the baby is born, and at that point it depends on how life with an infant goes.

Here is a quick photo I snapped of part of the quilt. I didn’t bother trying to get the whole thing in the picture.