Quilt Tour

So I probably should have posted this before the last post, since I got the materials for that thread catcher while shop hopping… oh well.

As I mentioned in other posts, the Quilt Carolina shop hop tour was last week. If you don’t feel like following the link… basically this is an annual event to promote local independent quilt shops. You purchase a “passport” for $15 and take it around to all the participating shops for a stamp. Each shop provides a pattern with the passport purchase, and then when you go to the shop for your passport stamp they give you another pattern, discounts, a coupon for a future visit, and there are door prizes and drawings at each shop. At the end of the tour you turn in your passport to be entered in a drawing for other prizes. If you got stamps from all the shops you had a chance to win a nice sewing machine, and there were other prizes for those with fewer stamps.

For the first time they had shops from the triad participating, which was actually kind of annoying because I really didn’t want to drive to Winston Salem for the tour. There is no chance I will be going out there in the future just to shop for quilt stuff. Plus it was hard enough getting out of the house with the baby just to go to the Raleigh ones!

There were originally 16 shops, but one dropped out. I managed to make it to 13 of the 15 though! I really wanted to go to all 15, but I think 13 is admirable given that we have a newborn. I could never have done it without Sean’s support though. He worked from home one day to watch the baby for me, went around to shops on the weekends with me (even though he hates shopping and has no interest in quilting), and even drove to the triad shops with me today. He drove and took care of kiddo while I gathered my stamps and looked around the shops. Unfortunately we ran out of time and didn’t make it to the Greensboro shop before they closed, and then there was no point in going to the last shop (in Fayetteville) after that. I was disappointed that I didn’t get all 15, but also a little glad I didn’t have to go to Fayetteville.

The tour was a great introduction to some shops I would have never gone to (or even found) otherwise. I now have a few new shops to add to my list of favorites, but unfortunately their locations aren’t very convenient. There was an awesome little shop in Fuquay that will be a great resource for the more traditional quilts I have planned because they have a lot of historic reproduction fabrics, and there is a shop in Chapel Hill with an awesome variety of fabrics and classes. The one in Fuquay also sells some tasty locally made treats. There is also a nice little shop in downtown Cary that I really liked. I doubt anyone that is interested in sewing reads this, but if you want info on any shops just let me know.

I also found lots of goodies, and spent way more than I should have. Now I have even more projects lined up, and I can’t wait to work on them. Hopefully Anna will let me! I picked up several new patterns, more flannels for changing pads (which I seriously need to make more of), a kit for another quilt (which means I have fabric for the next three quilt tops now!), and some notions like a special curved ruler, a small rotary cutter, some little clips to use when putting binding on things, a long measuring tape, and some other odds and ends.

With luck, my next sewing related post will be that I have finally gotten back to my lattice quilt. It is begging me to finish it, but I just haven’t been able to thanks to the baby. At first I waited because I was just too pregnant to sit at the sewing machine anymore, plus I needed to find thread for it. I did finally get some thread for the quilting, and hopefully it will work well once I audition it with the quilt top. And I did find time to get the batting cut for it… now I need to get the back pieced together, and figure out how I want to go about basting the thing. Maybe if I pull out the leaves for the table I can do it there… it seems most people baste their quilts on the floor or a wall. I don’t have wall space for it though, or floor space either really unless I move stuff. And if I move stuff, I am sure I will spend most of my time trying to keep critters off of it.

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