Piecing the Quilt


I am getting the quilt pieced together now. I just finished putting all the panels together, next step is adding the border. Then it will be on to the part that intimidates me the most… quilting. It involves adding the batting (inner fluff) and the back fabric, then stitching inside the same stitch lines that I have already made piecing everything together. Scary. That will probably be the part where I completely screw the whole thing up.

There have definitely been some more lessons learned lately, and I am still improving. For one, when I visited Bernina to pick up the batting I asked what I was doing wrong when my blanket stitches came out loose. I wasn’t sure if I was using the wrong thread or if it was me. The clerk told me that my sewing machine prefers cross wound thread, and that I should try using the vertical spool holder instead of the horizontal spool holder I had been using. That definitely made my stitching look better. And there have been other lessons as well, everything from rotary blades are sharp to not forgetting to turn my seams the right direction when I stitch over them.