Quilt #2

I started on the new quilt I posted about previously. First was cutting a billion squares and rectangles, and now I have begun piecing them together.

The process for the quilt is kind of like putting a puzzle together. First I have to assemble “units” and then later I will piece those units together. The first unit is a rectangle made up of two black squares, one colored square, and one colored rectangle. I finished making all 17 of those last night.

The next two units both use the same T shape as a base. The long part of the T is a colored rectangle, with two black squares stitched to either side. I have made the first 7 of those… only 104 left to go.

I am looking forward to making more T pieces when I get home tonight. Once I hit my limit with those I will have to take some photos and post them, although it really isn’t anything exciting at this point. It is getting harder to sit at the sewing machine for long stretches, the belly makes it hard to lean in, and it kills my back to be bent over the machine. I have to try to remember to get up and move around occasionally, or I will be in so much pain afterwards.

I made about 13 more T sections last night before my back had had enough. I spread out some of what I have made and snapped a photo so you can see what I am talking about. I am still not very sure about the fabric I chose (it was rolled so I couldn’t see what I was getting until I got home) but I am still considering this a learning experience, so I am not too worried about it. If I like the quilt I will make it again and put more thought into fabric choices.