This is my first non-baby related post in a while. So if you were looking for another baby update… um, well, I am still pregnant and stuff.

To celebrate a milestone, my company has taken us all to Pinehurst. Unlike when they took us to Busch Gardens last year, this time we got to bring our spouses. I am so glad Sean could come this time! There were lots of activities to choose from, and everyone got to choose one activity for each day… although unfortunately most of the ones Sean wanted to do were canceled.

Today he went clay shooting, but the things he wanted to do tomorrow didn’t work out. His first choice was the wind tunnel (like skydiving without the falling), and when that didn’t work he switched to a Segway tour… and then that didn’t work either so now he is going to hang out at the spa with me tomorrow. As for me, I chose the spa for both days. Today I did a pedicure, and tomorrow I will have a massage and manicure.

The spa here is awesome, I could totally fall in love with this place if I had the money to come here often. I might would even take up golf or something just to have an excuse. It is such a relaxing place, I could hang out and just read for hours by the pool. I am looking forward to my massage tomorrow!

Sean also reported having a great day at the range, and it seems he made some new friends. Everyone kept coming up to me at dinner to tell me how well he did. I think if there is anyway he can get back out to the range again tomorrow, he will. I don’t think he is really looking forward to his spa day as much as I am, but I have a feeling he will enjoy it once he gets there.

I am not really sure how tomorrow will work out. There is a breakfast buffet, but I think we might do room service instead. And we were told we would get a box lunch, but then they gave us a certificate for lunch at any of the restaurants. I guess we could always order lunch delivered at the spa too, but I don’t know when we will have time to eat with spa appointments keeping us busy from about 11 to 1. I guess we will have to research our food options in the morning.

We also have some gift cards to use up, but that shouldn’t be too hard given the prices around here. I was surprised that they gave us both a gift card to cover incidentals, I had expected them to only give one. We have already used up $33 (plus tax and service charge, whatever that comes to) just on M&M’s, nuts, and a bottle of water from the “refreshment center” in our room. And there are no shortage of gift shops here if we have any funds left on the gift cards after we check out tomorrow.