Pinehurst Day 2

I sure hope my company decides to make this Pinehurst thing a tradition. It was pretty awesome. Today we laid around, and finally “woke up” around 8:40 and ordered room service for breakfast. I got the continental and Sean got steak and eggs. Sean’s food was awesome, and he shared with me. My breakfast was tasty too, it had some very yummy chocolate danish and a cinnamon roll, as well as fresh fruit and hot tea. The steak was definitely the winner though, and the hashbrowns it came with were some of the best I have had in a long while.

We then got dressed and packed so we could check out on our way to the spa. The front desk kept our bags for us so we didn’t have to run to the car in the rain, and it turned out breakfast was included in our package even though we did room service instead of the buffet. So that was awesome. There were no charges at all for us to pay, and we headed to the spa.

Sean seemed to enjoy his pedicure and manicure, and I definitely enjoyed my massage. They even gave me a soft little stuffed lamb toy with a rattle in it for the baby. My manicure was nice just because I got my long nails cut off, although I honestly wasn’t that impressed with it. We had also ordered our lunch delivered to the spa while we were checking in, and it arrived right on time. It wasn’t quite as good as breakfast, but was still tasty. We paid for that with the lunch vouchers we were given, and I used the excess funds to give the poor delivery girl (soaked from rain) a tip in addition to the built-in gratuity. There was a slight mix up with our bill, but they straightened it out for us without any hassle. They had charged my massage to our room rather than the corporate account. The confusion happened because we used our gift cards to buy a robe, pay for Sean’s services, and to pay for a manicure for me. So they just charged everything from the day together, without realizing that part of it would be charged to my company.

Once we were done with our lunch we headed back to the front desk to pay the overages and gather our luggage. Again there was a mix up with the bill that needed to be straightened out, as we had been charged for the lunch. But they took care of it quickly and without any fuss. So our entire Pinehurst adventure ended up costing us $21 out of pocket. I think that is a fair price :) Overall it was a great trip, despite the few small bumps with bills being charged incorrectly… but the customer service was so great it wasn’t that big of a deal. The best part is that we feel like we had a weekend away, but it is only Friday so we still have our whole weekend!