Piecing = done

I finished the piecing for the top of my lattice quilt last night… AND finally put the buttons on my first quilt. I had to order them from frigging Germany. Who would have ever though finding a one inch, wooden, heart shaped button would be so damned impossible? I ended up with a 23mm (inch = 25mm) heart shaped button made of resin or plastic or something, but it is brown at least. It was the closest thing I could find. I don’t have a pic handy of the first quilt… but I do have one of the lattice.

I like the design of the quilt, but I am still not exactly in love with the fabric I chose. One day I might make this again with just a few bright colors and try to make it look like continuous strips of cloth woven together. That will take a little planning though, and it will be a while before I will get around to it… if ever. I have material for the next two quilts already, and still have a lot of work left on this one.

The next step is to figure out quilting. I need to make up some practice “sandwiches” and try my hand at free motion quilting. From what I hear it is really hard and takes lots and lots of practice, so I am trying to be realistic about the probable outcome (that I will suck at it). I will practice some quilting, but there is a good chance this one will end up with some plain old “stitch in the ditch” quilting where you just stitch inside existing seems. Oh yeah, and I am supposed to have a baby in less than two weeks… so that will probably put a crimp in my quilting for a bit.

Today I washed the flannels and batting I bought a few weeks ago for changing pads though. I think I will make a few changing pads before I try my hand at the quilting. I think I have enough for 3 changing pads, and then will have some left overs that might become burp cloths. They should be quick and easy to make, and I’ll hopefully end up with some more left over batting for my practice sandwiches.