Now the forecast has been changed from 30% chance of scattered showers and 79 degrees to 60% chance of showers and 76 degrees. Not good! I really really hope it is wrong. But this is probably going to be the first time ever that the 10-day forecast turns out correct. Or, it is probably going to be wrong and it is going to be 40 degrees and pouring rain. Arg! No! I must remain optimistic.

Uh oh… rain?

We are now officially within the time frame in which we can check weather forecasts. I don’t really trust any forecasts farther out than a few days though… and even those are questionable. I really hope the forecast is wrong because right now there are scattered thunderstorms for May 3. Hopefully those will be in the afternoon, or far away from Duke Gardens. I really don’t want to have to go all the way out to the church in Cary and I really don’t want to have to coordinate telling people to go there either. Grrrr…. but like I said, I don’t really trust the forecasts so far in advance so hopefully it will be sunny and 70 degrees at 10:00 May 3. On the other hand, the chance of precipitation is only 30%… those are pretty good odds.

Rehearsal Dinner

Well, we just decided to have a rehearsal dinner of sorts. We really wanted to get all of our family together, as well as the people involved in our wedding, in a casual setting before the “big day.” After considering many options we settled on family style at Maggiano’s. Unfortunately they limited us to 23 people and the banquet halls were all booked, but I think it will work out ok. There were a few people that could not make it, and somehow we ended up with exactly 23 people.

I think this might be more fun than the reception actually. If all goes to plan the dinner is going to be in a casual relaxed environment… much better than the next day when we will have to be all dressed up for the pomp and ceremony.

So, it looks like the diet officially dies on May 2. We plan to revive it in June of course. But between Maggiano’s for dinner and Brasa for lunch and a month in Japan there is no way we are going to stick to our diet!

Can’t Wait

Only 10 days left now! We are getting excited. The wedding plans seem to be coming together nicely, with only a few small details left to take care of. The travel plans are also forming nicely. The shopping for things we will need during our stay in Japan is nearly finished, and we are eager to start packing. We have been in contact with Hiro, who we will be renting a room from, and everything is set. He is going to meet us at the airport on May 5.

It seems like the only thing left to do is get married, and get on a plane!!