Welcome, Eddie

I am so tired! I had to work for a few hours early this morning, so I didn’t get much sleep… but that didn’t interrupt today’s plans. Pancakes were had, and then we headed to Sanford for Eddie.

Turns out Eddie was born Aug, 3rd, so I guess that means he is four and a half months old? I haven’t had much luck with good pictures yet, but I will try to get some cute ones in the near future. Check the Photo Archive link up top for a few more pictures.

He did pretty good in the car, hardly whined at all. We could have forgotten he was back there! On the way home we stopped by two pet stores. I don’t think he was use to a collar or leash at all, since Sean’s grandmother reported she took him to the vet in a carrier and said he refused to walk when she put his collar on. Although, the collar she had for him was very large. He seemed to do okay on the lead though, he only refused to move a few times and I think it was because he was uncertain. With a little coaxing he would start moving again, and it all worked out well; he just needs practice.

Because he is so small it was a bit of a challenge to keep an eye on him though… we constantly had to make sure he wasn’t in anyone’s path because he was so easy to miss. And Petsmart was incredibly crowded. There were quite a few times he nearly got stepped on! Of course everyone wanted to pet him and ask how old he was and gush over the cuteness. While we were at the check out at Petsmart, even the girl behind the Banfield (vet) counter was talking to us across the store about him.

I was kind of hoping that since we have a purebred dog this time people wouldn’t be asking silly questions about what it was. With Jack everyone wants to know if it is a boxer puppy for some reason, although now that he has white around his muzzle that doesn’t happen as much as it use to. And we always have to explain that he is a boston terrier miniature pinscher mix, which can be annoying by the tenth person that asks. I was looking forward to the simplicity of a dog with only one breed. However, not much luck on that one! Everyone thought Eddie was a Jack Russell.

It was difficult to find a collar to fit his tiny neck, but we did manage to find one that looks okay on him over in the petite dog area. For some reason most of the petite collars have silly rhinestones or flowers attached to them, or are pink. He hasn’t been messing with it or rolling around like he did with the other collar, so I think the size of the collar might have been the issue before.

When we got him home, and unpacked all of the various treats, we decided to give teaching “sit” a shot… even though we really didn’t expect anything to come of it. Surprisingly he learned it in just a few minutes! It looks like he might be a smart dog. The picture up top is of both dogs sitting for treats. We’ll give sit a few days to really sink in, and then see if we can’t try “lay down.” I guess we should enroll in puppy classes before too much longer.

Eddie is sure going to be a handful, but I think he will get better as he learns his manners. Because he is so short, Eddie constantly stands on his hind legs and puts his front paws on your leg for attention. Before teaching “sit” that is what he would do every time you had a treat in your hand, and would grab at your hand for the treat… it was amazing how big of an improvement just that little trick made. He is already starting to catch on that he won’t get anything unless all four feet are firmly on the floor. Now we are just working to teach him the same thing goes for attention.

At least he seems to like his crate, so that is a good thing. It will definitely help in the house breaking. One good thing about him is that he is not as licky as Jack. But Jack isn’t that thrilled about it I think. He keeps putting his head down for Eddie to lick his ears, like he does with the cat. But Eddie just doesn’t get it… then Jack gets annoyed with him. Kitty seems to get along with Eddie though… except when he tries to catch her tail.

So, it looks like there is quite a lot of fun in store for us. That statement is only partially sarcastic… I am sure it will be fun at times, but it is going to be a lot of hard work too. It should be interesting around here with three critters. I kind of think two critters was probably a much better number, but Eddie needed a good home.

Introducing Eddie

So a couple months ago Sean’s grandmother got a puppy. The above photo was taken when we went to visit the puppy shortly after she got him. Eddie is a toy rat terrier, and is about 4 or 5 months old now. Eddie hasn’t been a good fit for her at all, so yesterday we agreed to take him.

Tomorrow we will have our pancakes and then head to Sanford to pick him up. After that it will be off to the pet store for our obligatory “new puppy” shopping trip. I am not even sure the dog has a collar! We will definitely need a crate and some small chew toys. I already set a vet appointment for him on Monday afternoon… ah, the fun of another pet is already beginning.

Did I mention Eddie isn’t house broken yet? So that is going to be fun. Jack was easy to train, but we got him at 7 weeks. I really hope Eddie does well with crate training. We had already planned on taking all of next week off of work anyway, so at least we will be home with him for that time to work on it.

I will try to take some good pictures of him soon. We have only met him once before, and at the time I only had my phone with me. Since puppies don’t sit still long it was hard to get a good picture of his face with the camera on the phone. He is pretty cute though, but then I suppose most puppies are.

Happy Pancake Day

We have been trying to get into the “spirit of the season” lately. Somehow it is hard this year. But, last weekend, we finally started our Christmas shopping. While we were at Crate & Barrel we picked up a couple fun-looking pancake molds, as well as some batter mix and syrup. We had been itching to try them out ever since, so we decided that today was Happy Pancake Day!

We truly expected it to really be Pancake Fail Day though, as we had our doubts about the molds, as well as about mix bought from a home goods store. There was a little trial and error at first, but we got the hang of it pretty quickly. We had one failed snowflake, and one slightly malformed snowman… but the rest turned out alright. The mix and syrup were surprisingly good; I think that is our new favorite syrup. And, somehow, the fun shapes seemed to make the pancakes taste even better! I want to scout out more fun pancake molds now. Maybe every Saturday can be Happy Pancake Day from now on.

After a yummy pancake breakfast it was time to go get a Christmas tree, which we had been putting for weeks. We first tried Lowes since they were nearby, but the selection was terrible and the trees were dry and squished from lying in a pile. Our second try was more successful, and we found several good candidates at the lot by Kohl’s in Brier Creek. After a short debate we finally selected what looked to be a good tree, and the tree people quickly lashed it to the car.

When we got the tree home and in the stand we quickly learned that trees look a lot larger once they are in your house. I think I recall a similar lesson with a TV. So, the place we had selected near the fireplace didn’t really work out… it ended up in the dining room. It isn’t the ideal location for a tree, but it fits and it is only for a few weeks. After quickly cleaning up the trail of pine needles that lead from one corner of the house to the other, it was once again time to head out.

We met several friends (that also happen to be guild mates) at Brixx for dinner, and then headed to Frankie’s. It was a lot of fun to watch the braver people ride go carts in 38 degree weather, although Sean and I weren’t about to do it! There were three kids in the group, the youngest of which was a three year old girl. It was so funny to watch her go round (two seater carts) because her head wasn’t even above the wheel. When they went past you could only see a tiny set of hands holding onto the steering wheel.

It wasn’t long before we headed back inside where it was warm. We had a lot of fun playing games and somehow ended up winning a lot of tickets at skee ball. Since we don’t really care much about tickets we gave them to the kids… it was fun to see them so happy about getting tickets. It made me recall the days when I would hang out in the arcade, collecting my tickets and gazing longingly at a shiny glass case full of prizes… but never having enough tickets for anything more exciting than chinese fingercuffs or a bouncy ball.

After Frankie’s Sean and I headed back home for a nice mug of hot cocoa while we decorated the tree. We haven’t quite finished the tree though, so no pictures yet. It just looks like it is missing something, but we are too tired to care about it right now. We decided to find some garland we don’t hate tomorrow… for now we are going to head to bed. We feel so old to be this tired at 10pm!

Rocking Out Once Again

We finally got Rock Band 2! The game we had before was for the xbox, which belonged to our ex-roommate, so we have been deprived ever since we moved in August. Saturday night Sean could no longer wait, so I gave in and let him pick up the game.

We played for a few hours Saturday night and had a lot of fun. The new wireless controllers are pretty nice, although we still need to pick up a second guitar. The new guitar seems to respond a lot better, and they made an attempt to quiet the drums. The drums now have soft rubber tops, which help with the noise a little bit, and the foot pedal now has a shiny metal plate. They also changed the base of the drums a little so that there are a couple extra rubber pads to keep it from sliding on hard floors. We also noticed a few color coded jacks on the back of the drums, which makes me wonder if maybe some add-ons are in the works. Another new feature of the game is an automatic calibration option, which was useful because the timing was way off. The only change I did not like is that the new drumsticks are not glazed, and I don’t like the feel of the bare wood. But no matter, I’ve still got the old drum sticks.

There are tons of great songs for download in the music store, but we stopped ourselves at about 24 or so. I was very excited to see a few Smashing Pumpkins songs that I had always thought would make great Rock Band tracks… it was especially exciting to see Siva available! We still haven’t had time to play many of the tracks, but hopefully that will change soon.

Looks like we will have to have a Rock Band party pretty soon… although with Thanksgiving coming up it may have to wait until December. Plus we are still lacking a second guitar. Although, it looks like the Guitar Hero World Tour guitars work with Rock Band… so that makes it entirely too tempting to use the logic that we should just go ahead and buy that game instead of having an extra guitar sitting around.

Macross Ace Frontier

Robyn surprised me last week – for my birthday? See my birthday is in December very close to Christmas. My parents always tried not to merge the two together and did a pretty good job at it. Robyn still thinks it’s a bum wrap to only get presents once a year and I’m not going to disagree with her. So we decided that I would have a birthday in June from now on. Since June had already passed I figured she would wait until next year to start.

A few months ago we decided that our house needed some art on the walls. So Robyn and I took a signed “Do You Remember Love” poster, and an original Kawamori sketch to Michael’s to be framed. Those two items are the prizes of my anime collection. It turned out to be a bit pricey so I said it could be my birthday present. We are really happy with how they look, and are even thinking of hitting the convention circuit again to score more signed artwork.

So anyways… a while back during my Macross Frontier kick we found a PSP game called Macross Ace Frontier. I mentioned I finally had an excuse to get a PSP. Not expecting to get a PSP anytime soon I kinda blew it off because while I would buy a system to play Grand Turismo I probably wouldn’t to play another version of Digital Mission VFX. Well, Wednesday Robyn surprised me with a copy of the game, and a silver PSP to play it on!

I had given up on ever playing the game so I was very surprised to get a copy. Turns out it’s really fun and plays just like any of the older Digital Mission VFX series with a little camera issue. The music is enjoyable – of course I’m already a fan so take that with caution. I’ve seen pics online that show many playable characters and Vakyries from all the series. If you have a PSP, and like Macross, just go ahead and get this as you won’t be disappointed, playing somewhat representative missions taken from the different series. If anything the music and screen loading art is worth it!

Better than the game is how nice it was to get a thoughtful surprise from my wife ;)

Catching up

I know, we’re getting slack about posting again. Sorry. We just haven’t had much going on lately, nothing very interesting anyhow. The most exciting things that have happened of late is that we finally got a futon for upstairs, a TV for downstairs, and had our first get together at the house.

The futon (for the upstairs game/guest room) was delivered on the 3rd… we aren’t very happy with the mattress because it is very very firm, but still have no clue what we want to do about it. Maybe we will just deal with it, and get an aerobed or something to put on top for guests. It doesn’t seem to matter as much now that we have the TV downstairs. We got the TV on the same day, and since then I think Sean has been in there a couple times to play Force Unleashed… but that is it. I have been watching TV downstairs or playing WoW so I have kind of been ignoring the mattress problem. Maybe it will fix itself?

The TV is awesome and I am so glad we got it. We hadn’t really planned on buying it so soon, but we found one on clearance at a good price and it worked out well. Mounting it was easier than expected, although Sean and I did have to spend some time thinking about how we would accomplish it and then debating the best solution. So far it seems to be staying where we put it, so I suppose we did a good job. I think it is a bit too high though, as you can see all the cables behind it. Maybe we can come up with some ingenious way to hide that… since I am not sure we will ever be able to get it down to lower the brackets!

We had several friends over for hot dogs and hamburgers on the 4th. Since all of our friends seem to come in twos now, “several” is really like 12 adults, two children, and a baby. I only wish we had more space, there were many others we would have liked to invite.

It was great to finally make use of our deck, since we have been envisioning entertaining since the first time we saw it. The TV was great timing too. It worked out well to have everyone hanging out together to play Rock Band, rather than having to set it up upstairs. I hope everyone had a good time, I know we did.

Well, those are the highlights of the last few weeks. Other than that we have just been doing the usual. I didn’t really have any relevant photos to post, so the above photo is from Saturday. We took our critters to the vet (inside Petsmart) for their check-ups. My kitty doesn’t handle carriers very well, so I just put a harness on her. She usually behaves better than the dog! She just hung out on the bench while we waited, and everyone seemed very impressed and wanted to come meet her.


The above picture is our dog, Jack, after his recent discovery of fire ants. We were doing some yard work last week when we noticed Jack was pawing at his face, once we got ahold of him we didn’t see anything wrong but suspected he had had some ants on his snout…  but as soon as he got them off he went back to playing and seemed fine.

We then headed inside for more house stuff… finally organizing the computer room. In the middle of opening boxes I saw Sean suddenly stop and seize the dog’s face between his hands before exclaiming, “oh, poor buddy!”

There were at least six bites on one side of his upper muzzle alone, but with the swelling and his skin tone it was hard to tell. His nose was slightly swollen, and his jowls/lips were puffy and red. Jack didn’t really seem to care though, as he had been running around wreaking havoc as usual. We immediately ran to Walgreens for benadryl, which seemed to do the trick. The next morning his muzzle seemed back to its usual size.

After that we kind of went to war with the ants in the yard.  We had already put down some Terro traps, but they seemed to have no effect on the larger nest. Sean even knocked down one of their hills, but they just built a huge one in its place. Matt suggested pouring gasoline on their hill… so Sean did that a couple days later and it seems to have worked. I had actually already suggested the gas thing, but then Sean decided I wanted to set fire to the yard or something and wouldn’t do it. Now there is only one small mound of ants… and their days are numbered!

Anyways, that is the most excitement we have had lately. I was preoccupied with a book the last few days and haven’t even played WoW, and Sean has been playing Force Unleashed to pass the time while I neglected him.

This weekend we may go down to Sanford to meet a puppy that Sean’s grandmother got recently. I also really hope we can get around to organizing the garage… the mess in there is starting to drive me nuts. So… looks like yet another exciting weekend for the Millers!