Pregnancy is fun. It is amazing how fast new things pop up. And I could swear the belly get visibly bigger every day. A couple days ago I noticed my left foot was a little sore, then yesterday it really hurt and I knew immediately what it was… plantar fasciitis. The OB confirmed that today, so now I need to go find a night splint. Yay.

I also had a sudden increase in round ligament pain at the same time. It has been so bad that I had to ask the OB today if I was right to assume that it was just ligaments… she said it was and that I basically had to deal with it. Which I knew. The round ligaments are the ones that support your uterus, and mine have apparently gotten to the point now that they are tired of holding up my belly by the end of the day. By the time I go to bed at night it is so bad it is like having a knife in my side, a knife that is being kicked by a baby, and just trying to get my pillow nest arranged is a painful experience.

And of course I still have sacroiliac joint pain too, mostly on the left side. That is the joint where your spine and pelvis connect. It can be painful during the day while walking, usually randomly so that I can never anticipate which step is going to send a jolt of pain thorough my lower back. And at night it is usually bad enough when I get up to pee that I have to hold on to the wall for support during the first few steps… but by the time I make the return trip it is usually okay.

So this means just walking around is now so much fun. My left foot feels like there is a cut deep inside, the left side of my back sporadically has a sharp stabbing pain, and then as the belly gets jostled around there are sharp pains in my side and under the belly.

Have I mentioned that I am so ready to be done with this?? 39 days…

But on the other hand, the doctor was happy with the belly measurement and heartbeat. So that is good news. Kiddo is still being crazy active, and I am pretty sure she is head down now although she does like to squirm around. I go back on Aug 1 for my 36 week visit, and after that I will be on a weekly schedule. That is when the fun of pelvic exams start.. please let them say it looks like she will come early!! I keep telling this kid 37 weeks is long enough, but she is probably stubborn like her parents and will refuse to come until September.