One Year!

Apologies, I am falling down on posting again. I will try to be better! Life has been busy (as always) in the past month, so I haven’t had much time to sit down and post. There also hasn’t been all that much to post really. I will try to find time to update on my crafty stuff soon, as I have finished a couple small projects. My Elegance quilt is woefully behind schedule though, and I have honestly lost interest in the Thangles quilt even though it is still cluttering my workspace just waiting to be worked on between other projects.

The exciting news it that Anna is now a year old! I can’t believe it. It seems like only a few months ago we were bringing her home from the hospital. It almost felt like we must surely have the wrong date when we were planning the party, but no… she is really a one year old.

It was a busy busy weekend. I am so grateful that it was a holiday weekend; if I hadn’t had a half day on Friday and a holiday Monday I might not have survived! The half day Friday let me take care of some overdue errands and get a head start on our usual weekend shopping, which was great since the rest of our weekend was packed with baby related stuff.

Saturday was Anna’s first Tumble Gym class. There is a Tumble Gym location a few miles from home, near Rex; we were surprised to learn that their classes started at age “walking” so we decided we would sign her up when she was walking well. They don’t charge a monthly fee for the “Tumble Babies” class, so we figured it was worth the $35 registration fee to get her some socialization with other babies. We honestly don’t expect her to get too much out of the classes, but hopefully she will have some fun.

Anna was among the youngest there, although I didn’t catch the ages of the other children. It looked like maybe two others were about her age, while the rest were around two years old. The older kids really took to the place, while Anna and the other young ones were a bit unsure. In the 45 minutes we were there, Anna varied between smiles and tears. I think she was also tired, which didn’t help. By the end she did seem to enjoy bouncing (with me holding her) on the trampoline though, and she did have fun playing with cones and balls. Hopefully as the weeks go on she will warm up to it and get excited about it.

Tumble Gym is also responsible for her first cold. The second I stepped into the place I had a feeling she would end up sick, and that thought was only reaffirmed about halfway through when a two-year-old-ish child ran up to me with snot pouring from her nose. And sure enough, Monday night Anna woke up with a runny nose and looked fairly miserable for a couple days.

Sunday was the big birthday bash. We had always said her first birthday would be a small thing with family only, and we weren’t going to go all out like some people do. In the end though, we ended up renting a room at Dave & Busters because there was no way we could fit everyone in our house. I am not sure of the final count, but we had twenty some family members come to celebrate Anna’s birthday. We never expected so many! It was great to have everyone though, and Dave & Busters was awesome. Totally worth it.

I have a feeling all future parties are going to be similar affairs. It was so easy… just call up and set the date and food order, and then show up. The only thing we really had to bring was the cake and the birthday girl. We did end up picking up some balloons and a birthday banner, but other than setting those up Dave & Busters took care of everything. It was great not having to worry about cleaning anything up before or after, and we had a host of waiters to bring food and drink refills. It was practically worry free. Plus the manager was super awesome. The birthday kid is supposed to get a t-shirt, but the manager instead brought us a big stuffed Minion toy from the prize room when he saw she had Minion cup cakes. He said he didn’t think she really needed a Dave & Busters shirt, and I agreed. And, at the end, he washed the cake serving utensils we had brought with us so that we didn’t have to worry about taking the messy things home with us (they were covered in chocolate frosting) without us even asking.

I hope everyone had a good time. We tried to provide enough game cards for the folks that were interested to go play games, and I think all of the ones that wanted to play were able to. It seemed like people enjoyed themselves at least, and I didn’t hear anyone asking for a card that didn’t get one. We were also able to send leftovers home with people, so we must have provided enough food. I am always worried about things like that when planning a party, so it was great to know that even if we did fall short it would be a simple matter to get more.

Anna was perfect the whole time. At first she just snuggled with people she knew, but quickly warmed up to the situation despite being surrounded by twenty some people. We had a big chocolate cake for everyone, and some Minion cupcakes for the little kids so that they could each have their own. I think the Minions were a hit! I will have to remember that next year, although we will probably pick some new character(s) for it. Maybe Sesame Street or whatever she is into at that time. This time it didn’t really matter since she doesn’t know a Minion from a mushroom. Despite having her own cupcake to destroy, Anna still managed to swipe a handful of chocolate frosting while Sean was helping her blow out her candle. Everyone had a good laugh of course, and Anna was super adorable and clapped her chocolate covered hands when everyone else clapped after the candle was blown out.

After the cake it was present time, which Anna seemed to thoroughly enjoy. Pulling out the tissue paper was great fun, and some of the toys and clothes were fun too.  She walked around waving her tissue paper prizes about, gave hugs and kisses (with help of course) to everyone as she opened their gifts, and generally seemed to have fun digging into the gift bags and being the center of attention.

Shockingly Anna never took a nap after the party.  I guess there was just too much excitement for her to settle down and sleep, and all her new toys were just too much fun not to play with. By her bed time at 8:00 all three of us were thoroughly exhausted. We went to bed right after she did, and slept soundly until she woke us up at 7:00 something the next morning.

So, now we officially have a one year old on our hands. It has been a great year that has passed much too quickly. It truly is amazing to watch this little person grow up and learn new things every day. Thanks again to everyone that came to her party, it was great seeing everyone!