One Week!

I can’t believe we only have one week left before the move. It feels like we have hardly done any packing, and that is starting to worry me a little bit. I keep trying to tell myself we have done more that it looks like, given the amount of crap we have thrown out over the past couple weeks.

We didn’t get much packed last weekend, and decided we would try to make up for that by packing after work this past week… of course that didn’t happen. Monday we succeeded in packing most of one room… but then Tuesday we were pretty tired after work and I think we managed to get a box or two packed just so we wouldn’t feel bad. Wednesday was my birthday, so we went out to eat… then last night we were again very tired after work, and the martinis didn’t help matters much. I did manage to get a few boxes packed in the living room though. Tonight will also be a waste… Sean is going to meet up with a bunch of old work friends for dinner at Sunset Grille. I think I might stay in and try to get some more packing done though, because I have a feeling it will be almost 9 before he gets back from that… despite his assurances he will be home earlier.

Due to this lack of progress in packing, we will be trying to make up for that this weekend. The goal is to have everything we don’t need on a daily basis packed by Sunday night. I am feeling the pressure to get it done, so maybe we will actually succeed. We already reserved the truck for the 16th, and have several volunteers (thank you!!!) lined up for that day… so we can’t delay the move.

Moving stress aside… we are so excited! In one week we will be in our first house! We are counting down the days, and making plans for what we will do with the house. There are so many things to do once we are in the house, like picking out furniture and finding a paint color we can agree on to cover up the red walls. I can’t wait to start on these things!

We are also constantly day dreaming about using the deck. I really think we bought the deck and got a house as a bonus lol. Grilling out is going to be awesome on our new deck, and we can’t wait to have a cook out with all of our friends!