Officially Late

Well, it is August 28… That makes her officially past due, but I am not surprised. They say you typically deliver somewhere in the 39-41 week range. So that means this could stretch out until next Tuesday, if not longer.

I got a little hopeful on the 26th because I was having contractions 10 minutes apart, but they weren’t painful at all. I am still having frequent, but irregular, contractions. I guess this is yet one more thing to add to the list of “any day now” symptoms I have. I certainly haven’t gotten that burst of energy they talk about though, if anything I have been wanting to sleep all the time. Not that I have time to sleep, I am still working from home full time.

The next OB appointment is tomorrow afternoon… hoping for some news of progress. Well, actually, I am hoping to go into labor any minute… but not really expecting to.