OB Appointment

I was hoping that I wouldn’t be going to today’s appointment when I made it, since kiddo was due Tuesday. Not that I am surprised she is late, I had just been using the due date as a goal for myself. Now I have no definitive date to count down to, which sucks. Now it is just a waiting game with no end in sight (although I know it can’t go on much longer).

The doctor did the usual belly measuring, heartbeat check, and the always fun cervical check. I am still only dilated about 2cm, but the good news is that I am 75% effaced (thinned). It won’t hit 100% until labor actually starts, so 75% is pretty good I guess. I couldn’t tell if she was just trying to make me feel better, but she said there was a good chance the baby would come before my next appointment.

The next appointment is set for Sept 4, which is Wednesday. That appointment would include a 20 minute “non-stress” test where they monitor the baby’s heart rate for 20 minutes. There would also be another ultrasound to check fluid levels, and we would have to set a date for induction. I told her I wanted to avoid inducing as long as possible; she was fine with waiting, but said we shouldn’t let it go past the 10th. I am comfortable with that, if kiddo isn’t here by the 10th I am going to be beyond ready to give in and let them induce.

So I am still left hoping to go into labor at any minute… but in an effort to be realistic I am setting my sights on the weekend as my next “I only have till…” goal. It would be really nice for my next post to be a birth announcement.