New Page & Sewing & Anna

I added a new page today, or pages really. I decided to post photos of my sewing projects, so you will now see a “Sewing Projects” page in the menu, with subpages for my projects. The photos there now aren’t that great since they were pretty much all taken as snapshots with my phone just as a means to post a photo. I will have to try to get the good camera out and at least take photos of my finished projects. I don’t have too many completed right now, so it won’t be that hard to catch up photos if I ever find the time to do it when the sun is up… and that will definitely be a challenge this time of year.

Since I posted last I have made some drawstring bags and a Christmas stocking. You’ll find pictures on the new page :) I think the stocking came out pretty good, and it was a great way to play with the new sewing machine I got as an early Christmas gift. The new sewing machine is completely awesome and I am so excited about it! I have been playing with it every spare moment I can find. I also got some quilting software for Christmas, but it hasn’t come in yet. Once that arrives I will finally finish that Yellow Brick Road quilt I started in October… so excited for that! Stay tuned for pictures.

And now for the Anna update. She is growing bigger and bigger every day. All of her 3-months clothes are nearly too small for her, and the 6-month clothing is only a little big… so probably by the end of January I will be packing away all her 3-month stuff. I have no idea what she weighs, but it has to be about 13 pounds. She doesn’t have another doctors visit until January 10, so it will be a few weeks before we find out exactly how much she has grown.

Her Nana reported that she has rolled from her back to her stomach twice today, which is a first for her. Anna doesn’t really like tummy time, so it scared her. Just a few days ago she rolled from her tummy to her back by herself for the first time. So any day now she will officially be in the “able to roll over” category, and will have to get over not liking tummy time. But if she is able to rollover at will she probably won’t mind tummy time so much anymore I guess.

Anna has also graduated to her stroller seat; part of the time anyway. Until recently we always just left her in the carrier, popping it onto the stroller frame, when we went out. She is starting to get cranky with it after long periods of time though. I think it is partly because she wants to be sitting up now (or propped up at least) and she is also about to outgrow the infant insert in the car seat. So the car seat is kind of a snug fit, but she is still a little too small to take it out.

So if we know we will be out for a while, or if she is awake when the car stops, she gets to sit in the real stroller seat now. For short trips she still stays in the carrier though, or if she is asleep and we don’t want to wake her. At first we put the “baby cocoon” thing on the seat for her that is designed for small infants to use like a bassinet when the stroller seat is fully reclined… it zips up around them to keep them warm and has a cushy head holder thingie. It is just lies on the seat, and you pull the straps through it to secure the baby. Yesterday she rode around sitting up (slightly reclined) directly in the seat though and was perfectly happy. Now I am happy too because I don’t have to carry the cocoon around in the car anymore, and I don’t have to put it on the stroller every time we use it without the carrier (the seat doesn’t fold with it on). Soon I won’t have to carry the carseat stroller adapter anymore either!