New Car!

Sorry we haven’t posted in nearly a month… we are so lazy. Well, actually, we are pretty busy with mundane things all the time and there isn’t much to post about. But today there is news!

We have been talking about getting a new car for a long time. Or more precisely, Sean has been talking and I have been avoiding a car payment. Somehow in the past couple weeks he managed to convince me to look at cars. That lead to us driving and researching several cars like the Murano, FX35, RX330, Edge, and then just looking at several others. In the end, we settled on a Rav4. Honestly, they aren’t ugly anymore! At least I don’t think so.

Fred Anderson had a few 2008 models left, so we decided to look at those to save money. Of those there was only one V6 AWD model. Luckily we liked both the interior and exterior colors, and when we drove it we became immediately attached to it.

We let it sit a few days, and then went back this morning to strike a deal. I think we did pretty good at negotiating, and managed to get it for less than invoice and a bit less than our online research had suggested it was worth. So, I think it worked out well! We are both very happy with the new car and keep finding excuses to go out and drive around.

After (finally) getting away from Fred Anderson Toyota we ran up the street to grab a bite to eat… while leaving it happened that the people parked next to us needed a jump start. So, after owning the car less than two hours we were already helping someone out with a jump!

From there we went to Rapid Fitness, where we signed up for gym memberships and personal trainers. We also met a human version of Eddie, which was entertaining. There was this 20 year old kid that worked as a personal trainer. He was small/compact and was stuck wide open, literally bouncing around in place because he couldn’t be still and his typical mode of transportation was running full tilt from one place to another. Both of us quickly decided we would not be able to handle him in large doses, so hopefully the other trainers aren’t quite so bouncy.

I have no idea if this is going to be a waste of money, or if we will be able to force ourselves to go. We both obviously need to, it is just so hard to find time and energy these days. At least they have some classes at convenient times for us, and the personal trainers will help us learn how to do things on our own outside of classes.

Tomorrow I will have to find a pair of gym shoes I guess, since we have our first “PT” session Monday night. During this first meeting it would seem the goal is for the personal trainer to try to kill us just to see what our fitness level is and then design a plan to get us in shape.