Nearly done!

The quilt is nearly done! I just need to find a heart shaped button before I can finish. The trees each get a round button, and the yo-yo (round thing in last pic) gets a heart shaped button. I already picked up the round ones, but I might have to get different round buttons depending on the color of whatever heart shaped button I manage to find.

I think I did pretty good for my first ever sewing project, but there are definitely flaws. I learned a lot in the process though, so hopefully the next project will come out better. Speaking of which, what should I make next?? So many options. When I was at that quilting shop last week I saw so many fabrics that were begging me to make them into quilts, and at Bernina I saw some patterns for tote bags that looked like they might be a fun project. I am kinda thinking I will go with a tote bag just because I think it would make a good “emergency baby kit” for the car(s)… holding diapers, change of clothes, etc in case we are out and about and realize we have forgotten something essential. Plus a tote bag will be way cheaper than a quilt!

All of these pictures are pretty crappy. I took them with my phone in poor lighting, so the colors are all kind of wacky. But I guess that is what I get for working on the quilt so late at night, and then trying to take photos of it.

In this pic you can see the full quilt…


Here we have a close up of the binding…


A close up of the yo-yo laying in its place, I will stitch it in once I find the heart button.


The midsection of the quilt with the yo-yo and buttons laying in their places.