My New Toy

Wow, we are getting pretty slack about updating our blog. We meant to post last weekend, after we got back from Charlotte. So, allow me to catch you guys up on our exciting lives. (yes, that is sarcasm) I think I will break this up into two posts though, just because I ramble and this is bound to get very long. First I will tell you about my new toy, then I will let Sean make a post about Avenue Q later.

Last Friday Sean and I (isn’t he a good husband?) went to the Apple store at 6:30 in the morning for an iPhone. I was tired of waiting, and I decided it wasn’t so bad to sit outside on a nice morning for a couple hours and surf the net on my Mac while waiting in line for a neat new toy. We were about 15th in line, yet by the time the store opened at 8:30 the line stretched all the way down the side of the building. If you are familiar with the Southpoint store… we were by the window on the side, and the last person in line was down past the drink machines.

While in line we called AT&T… probably should have done that sooner. Evidently you can’t activate an iPhone at the Apple store (and you have to activate when you purchase) if you have any type of corporate discount… and it takes 4 hours to 10 days to remove it. Thankfully, once you have a ticket for a phone they will hold it until close of business though… and everything worked out. I went back and got the phone after work.

I love my new phone! My only complaints are that the battery life kind of sucks and there is no landscape option when typing e-mail. Other than that, I consider this the best gadget I have ever had… it makes me even more devoted to Apple, more inclined to try to convince everyone that they should also go Mac. Of course, I am not sure people that don’t already have a Mac and a MobileMe account are as tickled with the iPhone as I am.

I picked up a case and screen protector with the phone, thinking I would keep my pretty new phone in pristine condition while I waited from the invisibleSHIELD I ordered to arrive. Of course, Jack took care of that scratch-free idea by Monday. At least the scratches are minor. Contour’s clear case is a piece of crap by the way.

Anyhow, the iPhone turned out to be pretty helpful right from the start. Saturday I used it to help find our way to and from Chris & Diana’s new house (we helped them move) and it also helped Diana and me find our way when we went to pick up pizza for everyone. Then, Sunday it was helpful again when we went out of town for Avenue Q. It has also been pretty helpful in the days since… I have set it up with MS exchange so I can use it at work, and it has been great every time I need to find a phone number or address. Not to mention the apps are great when I get bored!

Yesterday my invisibleSHIELD arrived… I had ordered one for my Mac Book Pro and one for the iPhone. The iPhone shield proved to be a real pain to install, but the one for my Mac Book Pro was easy. I don’t really like the shield for my phone, I think I will take the front off and put the old static type back on it. The static one was much easier to slide my fingers across, and it seems to provide just as much protection. The back piece for the shield is nice, but very hard to align. The corners came out pretty poorly… I might have to try re-doing it.

If anyone is considering getting the shield for the Mac Book or other laptop, I would definitely recommend it. It is so much easier to keep hold of my laptop now when I carry it, and the shiny finish looks great. I am not crazy about the piece that goes along the wrist rest though… kind of reminds me of people that put plastic on their furniture. I am going to give it a chance though. The piece that covered the touch pad is already gone though… I got tired of that one real fast.

Sorry to bore you guys… but that is pretty much all that has happened for me lately! I got a new toy, then got stuff for the toy. Sean is going to cover Avenue Q (loved it!!) in a later post. Other than that, all that we are just trying to get ready for our move. We have barely started, but we suddenly find ourselves with only two weeks left… so we are feeling somewhat motivated to get it over and done with.

Well, I gotta go… time to go get my car from Ford and then we are supposed to go out to Maggiano’s with George and Wendell tonight.