My Latest Project

A couple weeks ago I stumbled onto a website called Shiny Happy World that offers patterns and tutorials for embroidery, appliqué, stuffed critters, and a few other things as well as a small [reasonably priced] shop to purchase supplies. I fell in love with just about everything on her site, and found myself obsessing over a few of her patterns. After several days of pining I decided I really wanted to try my hand at making a couple of her patterns for embroidered felt birds. To make my life easy, and to support the person that offered these cool free patterns and tutorials, I ordered most of the supplies from the site and then waited eagerly for them to arrive in my mailbox. It didn’t take long for the package to arrive, as it turns out the lady lives in the NC mountains!

I decided to make Daisy and Petal. Follow the links to see them. For Daisy I picked up the embroidery floss locally and ordered the felt and some needles from Shiny Happy World; for Petal I just ordered the convenient kit that contained everything except the stuffing. But I already had a bag of poly fill, so that was easy!

In the past I have done some counted cross stitch, which I always loved at a first and then quickly became bored with when I inevitably miscounted something and had to fix my mistakes. So I already was a bit familiar with some of the stitches used, even though it had been years since I last used them. This was so much more fun than cross stitching ever was! First, these birds were small so I was easily able to carry them and all the tools needed (needle, thread, scissors) in a tiny wristlet bag so that I could stitch on it when I found time… like riding in the car, while at lunch, etc. Secondly, I didn’t have to count things and keep referencing a separate pattern since the pattern was transferred to the felt itself. And lastly, since the projects were small they were quick to make which makes my ADD happy. Not to mention they are pretty cute!

I had so much fun making Daisy, that I immediately started on Petal once Daisy was done. Petal went much faster than Daisy just because I was able to work on her over the weekend without silly things like work getting in the way. I had thought I would finish Petal today, but once I cut out the two halves of the body I realized they were both facing the same direction. Oops! I just wrote Shiny Happy to let her know. I am not overly worried about it, she has excellent customer service. And the worst case scenario is that I will have to spend $4 on some more felt and will end up with two Petals and plenty of spare felt to use in future projects.

Here is a somewhat crappy picture of my Daisy. Once Petal is completed I will get a better picture of her and maybe even start a new felt section of the site to post them in. I am really enjoying the felt thing, so I think I will be making more!

Update: A reply from Shiny Happy was waiting for me the next morning (this morning). She is sending me another kit so I will end up with two Petal birdies. She shipped it right away, so I guess I will get it Wednesday (today is Monday). So now I am back to watching the mailbox. It is kind of the same annoying feeling as being interrupted in the middle of a good book. Not that I am angry, it was an easy mistake and this was the first batch of Petal kits. It sounds like something I would do!