More Sleep

New Mobile
<< Anna’s new battery powered mobile with a light show, even more amazing than the wind-up one.

The baby has been in her own room for nearly two weeks now, and we are all adjusting well. I know I am happy to finally have her and all her stuff in one place rather than having some in her room and the rest crammed on the changing table in our room. And now that she is out of our room, we have moved the changing table we had in there downstairs… which is incredibly convenient. Previously we were using the Moses basket on the table or counter as a changing station, and all her changing supplies were crammed in a bin. It was either that, break our backs bending over the couch to change her, or haul her upstairs every time she needed a fresh diaper. So now our lives are a bit more orderly, which makes my OCD happy.

People say that babies sometimes start sleeping better once they are in their own rooms, but not so sure that is the case here. Last night was the first time she has slept more than 3-4 hours in one stretch in a long time.

Last night was unexpectedly great. I fed her around 9, she went to sleep around 10, and didn’t wake up until 6. Hopefully that will continue! I have really missed those few times she slept 7 hours. Of course I didn’t get but maybe 4-5 hours of sleep last night. I went to bed around 1:00, fully expecting her to wake up any minute. So maybe tonight I will try to go to sleep earlier, maybe she will sleep through the night again and I can get a decent night’s sleep!

And she is continuing to grow like a weed. I have no idea what she weighs now, but it has to be about 11.5 pounds. When I hold her, or see other people hold her, sometimes I notice exactly how much she has grown and I am amazed. Just this morning I realized her legs are hanging off the nursing pillow at the knee. And the other day when her great-granny was holding her in the crook of her arm, Anna’s legs were off her lap at the knee. This also means I get to buy more clothes for her, which is always fun.

I had thought she had so much clothing for this size that I wouldn’t have to get anything for her until around Christmas, but I was wrong. She has outgrown all those 0-3 month onesies, and is now about to completely fill out the 3 month size. Plus the weather changed and I realized she was really lacking layered clothing. She had a lot of short sleeve stuff, and some heavier hoodies, but only one outfit with a thin long sleeve shirt to wear jacket-style over a onesie. So I had to go shopping (had to, lol, like it was a chore… I love baby clothes shopping) for some outfits that had a light long sleeve cardigan/shirt/etc. She also needed new PJ’s with long sleeves since she has learned to consistently bust out of her swaddle. Every morning I would go to feed her and her little arms would be so cold! So now she has several long sleeve onesies, a few sleep sacks, and some outfits with a light jacket/shirt. And I bet she will outgrow all of that by Christmas.

As I have been typing this I was watching her sleep on the baby monitor. She has been twisting and squirming, and is now fully awake. Guess I better go get her before she realizes she needs a new diaper and breakfast part 2.