On Labor Day I finally gave in and let Sean trade in his G8 for a 2010 Mini Cooper S. If he hadn’t wanted a Mini I could have probably held out, kept saying ‘no’ to his begging for a different car. But I love Minis. He found my weakness. I have always wanted one. At least I get to drive it, but I am still jealous and find myself half-contemplating trading the Rav4 in for my own Mini. Which is a dumb idea. Must keep telling myself that. Dumb idea. Right?

Now that we own a Mini we are realizing that there is a whole Mini community out there. There is even an iPhone app for socializing your Mini and clubs for Mini owners. Other Mini drivers even wave to you in recognition. How cool is that?

Next weekend we will take part in Minipalooza 2010. Mini owners will gather in front of a tavern in Old Salem, then motor on a scenic route to Westbend Vineyards in Lewisville. They are calling this the Mini Miglia, which I assume is a play on Mille Miglia. The vineyards are really only 20-some minutes from the tavern, but with the route they have chosen it will be more like three hours. I am still not sure about the entertainment factor of driving for the sake of driving, but then again, driving the Mini is pretty fun.

After we finally make it to the vineyards we are going to be served a BBQ lunch and treated to live music. I think a wine tasting is also involved in there somewhere. After that I am really not sure what the plan is, or if that is it for the day. We have booked a night at The Augustus T. Zevely Inn in Old Salem, which should also be an interesting experience.

Sorry if I am a little fuzzy on the details. This is mostly Sean’s thing and I am going along for the ride with the hopes that I will actually enjoy it and find a new interest. There is definitely potential there.

I believe Sunday morning we are supposed to go over to the Winston Salem Mini dealership (Flow Mini) for breakfast, and then drive up to Virginia International Raceway. There was mention of a parade lap, which I bet will be a neat spectacle. Maybe I can sit in the stands to take a picture, seems like something I would rather watch than participate in.