Anna had quite the weekend. On Saturday she had her usual Tumble Gym class, to which her daddy took her by himself this week. I was at my once-a-month Under the Veranda meeting (can’t really call it a class) at Wish Upon a Quilt, so I missed out on the fun. Apparently she was so exhausted by the Tumble Gym, she fell asleep on the way home. So, she got her nap out of the way early and was just waking up when I got home around 11:30.

We had some lunch, and then headed out for Marbles Kids Museum. This was our first time there, so we weren’t really sure what to expect beyond what I saw on the web. I had a feeling Saturday was probably the absolute worst day to go, but it is one of those things that I have been wanting to do for a while now and we just never seemed to have time. Saturday we actually had the whole afternoon and evening open with no plans other than errands that could wait for another day, so I seized the opportunity.

Parking was surprisingly easy, even though we got one of the last few spots available. We only chose to pay for two hours of parking, but we probably should have done more because Anna was having such a great time that it was time to go before we knew it. The area meant for kids under 3 was pretty packed, but Anna didn’t seem to mind much. The the forest-themed “Toddler Hollow” room was fairly small, but had plenty of good stuff for toddlers. There were a few soft toadstools to climb on, a bridge with cushioned steps leading up to it, “vines” hanging from the ceiling, a log to crawl through, panels on the walls that opened to reveal images, and several different textures to touch on the walls. There were also some soft things laying around like a large stuffed black bear, a skunk, sliced logs, and fabric leaves that the kids could carry around. The first thing Anna did upon walking in was spot the black bear, grab it by an ear, and drag it across the room. After that it was up and down the bridge steps for a while until she found the log slices. The log slices were a definite hit with Anna; she spent at least half her time stacking them and carrying them around. She also really loved climbing up on, and then standing on, a little toadstool table that had a lighted center… that was one thing we probably could have done without, but she seemed ecstatic about it since climbing on stuff is her favorite thing to do lately.

I am strongly considering buying a membership, as I think it could definitely be worth it. It was a well-spent $15 (admission x3) for Anna to run around and have fun in a safe and climate-controlled environment. When I say ‘safe’ we of course still had to keep an eye on her and make sure she didn’t break any other children, or get trampled by the occasional big kid, and there were a few places where falling was a hazard, and a couple choking hazards from another area had found their way in… but compared to an outdoor playground that has about a bajillion little things for her to put her mouth, it was great. Plus, no worries about it being 100 degrees in summer, or freezing in winter.

While there, we ran into some friends that were there with their own child (so it was cool to see them, bonus! even though we were too busy watching our kids to really chat). They have a membership and reported weekdays were much less crowded than weekends, so I think it would also be a great place for one of the grandmothers to take her as well if they wanted to have an outing with the kiddo during the week. And as she grows, the rest of the museum looked great for hours of entertainment as well. At least, the first floor did… we never made it upstairs to the bigger kid stuff. I wish I could have had a place to play like that when I was a kid! I kind of look forward to the day when she is old enough that I can sit and just let her run wild with minimal supervision though, because I think we all needed a nap afterwards.

After our fun at Marbles, we made the short trip up Person St to Yellow Dog Bread Company and the little wine shop next to it. We got some tasty coffee and a couple breakfast treats from Yellow Dog (and discovered Anna likes the coffee tinged milk foam from cappuccino) as well as a bottle of wine and some cheese from the wine shop. That was a nice way to wrap up the day for the adults.

So, Saturday was a pretty awesome day for all of us.  And, all that was after I had a good morning at my sewing meeting, where people seemed to truly like my show and tell items. I took my little Lavender & Honey needle book, and the box I made instead of the table runner bonus project. Another lady that does handwork asked for the needle book pattern, and the teacher wanted to know where I found the tutorial for the box; the whole group seemed excited about the box and wanted to know about it. I also took those bag patterns I won during the shop hop to see if I could find a home for them. No sooner had I given those away, I won the weekly drawing and got a new quilt pattern. How’s that for instant karma?