Marbles Plague

The first Saturday we went to Tumble Gym, I knew Anna would get sick. And sure enough, she woke up that Tuesday morning with a runny nose and officially had her first cold. She didn’t have a fever or anything though, the only real symptoms she had was the gunk pouring from her little nose and the fact that she was more clingy than usual.

When we went to Marbles Saturday before last, I had a feeling she would get sick again. Sure enough, Tuesday morning she woke up with a stuffy nose and had a 102 fever by the end of the day. Anna was completely miserable, and instead of her usual bubbly nature there were periods where she would cry pitifully for an hour after naps until the Tylenol kicked in. When she still had a bit of a fever Thursday morning, we went to the doctor. Her cold had turned into a mild ear infection, so she started taking Amoxicillin Friday. I would hate to see a severe ear infection, as miserable as she was. Luckily she seems to really like the taste of both the Amoxicillin and Tylenol; she sucks it down and looks like she wants more. By Saturday afternoon she was feeling much better.

To make it worse, she shared her cold with all of us. Wednesday I started feeling sick, and by Friday I was also utterly miserable with a sore throat, low grade fever, headache, stuffy nose, and generally crappy feeling. A week later I am still sniffly, sneezy, and fatigued. Sean didn’t seem to be quite as miserable, but I could tell he felt pretty rough as well. Her grandma didn’t escape either. Needless to say, no Tumble Gym for us last Saturday! Anna is doing much better now! Although her nose is still a bit runny, Anna is up to her usual cheery antics.

Hopefully this means we are now inoculated against future Marbles visits!

Other than being a bunch of miserable sick people, not much else has been going on lately. I haven’t even felt much like sewing, although I did get the last of my Elegance quilt blocks finished. And thanks to being home, I finally had time to call Ottlite during their business hours about my lamp with the power switch stuck in the on position. I was pretty impressed with how easy it was to make a warranty claim, and the fact that I got to talk to a real person right away that even had a direct extension and email address for further communication. They are sending me a new lamp for $10 shipping. All I had to do was cut the cord of the old lamp and send them a picture of it, no hoops to jump through to prove when or where I purchased it. I also learned that it is shockingly easy to cut a power cord with a rotary cutter. So if you are considering Ottlite, their customer service is great! As it should be considering how ridiculous their prices are I guess. Considering I got two of these lamps on clearance (at different times) for only $24 and $12, I am totally happy. I probably won’t be as happy when it is time to buy a $22 replacement lightbulb, but I know I will do it. It has only been one night sewing without my lamp and I already miss it dearly.