Made a bag. And a giraffe.

I started stitching my Geranium Baskets table topper,  only to discover that Primitive Gatherings had left out one of the threads I needed. I contacted them, and they shipped the missing thread to me… it arrived today, so maybe I can get back to that soon. In the meantime, I needed another project to keep my hands busy when I couldn’t be sitting at my sewing machine. So, I grabbed this little guy from my “to do” shelf. He has a little lion buddy, but the lion will probably wait until the next time I need some quick little filler project. Sometime soon I will get around to framing this guy in a hoop. My satin-stitching definitely needs work, but a few of my circles actually came out as circles. Maybe no one will know they are supposed to be round… shhh.


A cute giraffe. My satin stitched circles definitely need some work, but I think he came out okay.



The other project I had on my table this past week was a bag to make carrying all my crap to sewing classes a little easier. This was a kit I picked up during the shop hop last month, so I didn’t choose the fabric. At first I didn’t really like the fabric in the kit, and was considering this a practice run for making the bag in my own tastes, but it has really grown on me. I think I will keep it.

This is definitely the most complicated thing I have made. It came out pretty well, but there are things that could have been done better. For one… zippers. I hate sewing zippers, mostly because I suck at it. Maybe I just need more practice, or maybe I am just doing it wrong. And this bag has four of them, ugh. My binding could have also been better, we will just ignore the visible stitching. For the binding along the outside zipper though, I ended up finishing it off by hand so that it would look better. The one thing that I am unhappy enough to change though, is the stitching that attaches the outer zipper to the bottom of the bag to make “handles”… it was a pain, and I ended up whip stitching it in place. I dislike it and am considering adding some snaps instead; hopefully the whip stitching hasn’t marred the fabric too much.

I am looking forward to taking it to my next class, but hoping no one in the class looks at it too closely. It should be super handy with the three zipper pockets, the pockets between the zippers, the needle landing, and pin cushion. Right now I put all my sewing things in little pockets inside my sewing machine travel bag. This works fine, it just takes time to pull everything out and to pack it away again at the end of class. With this bag though, I will be able to pull everything out in one go, and have it all organized and at hand during class.

The next thing on my work table is Anna’s Halloween costume. I am not sure how I landed on this idea, but she is going to be Little Red Riding Hood. Mainly it is because I think she will be adorable in a little hooded cloak, and that shouldn’t be too difficult to make despite my lack of garment experience. I have Googled various ways to make cloaks, and I have a plan. Wednesday I used my lunch hour to duck out to Hancock for fabric, and picked up a pattern as well. The cloak is going to be red (of course) with a white lining that has little red polka dots. The pattern isn’t for a lined cloak, but I think it will be helpful just to get the shape and sizing right when I cut the material. We will see if I can pull it off!