I took my machine to the dealer today, they were pretty cool about it. The main clerk looked at it, said that terrible noise was normal (it isn’t) but then saw how it got stuck in that loop trying to calibrate the embroidery unit. She tried out another embroidery unit, which worked… so she sent me home with that unit as a loaner. The owner of the shop is supposed to look at it when he comes in tomorrow, and they may just replace it. Who knows. In the meantime I have a functioning machine again, so I am happy.

So far I have only quilted a 16″ square of my quilt, because I had to rip out a couple segments and re-do them on account of having my tension set wrong (resulting in loose stitches on top, and tight on bottom). Now I am tired and ready to sleep before I start making stupid mistakes, even though I really wish I could stay up and play all night. I already made one stupid mistake and picked a bit of a real stitch when I was trying to remove a placement line… hopefully I can repair that without having to rip the whole thing out and do it a third time.

Maybe I will be able to finish it this weekend. I can’t wait to see how it comes out! It might be hard to find the time though. This weekend we have to get the tree down and try to get the house in order again. I am so sick of having this huge tree taking up space in the house, and there are various things that have piled up as a result of Christmas, being busy, and general laziness. Not to mention the never-ending pile of laundry, and the probability of mom needing help getting settled into her new apartment. Not that I mind helping, just means less time to finish my quilt. And not only am I eager to finish this one, but I am eager to start the next! I have problems.

The next quilt is going to be for mom. Although I suppose I should probably go back to that Flower Patch quilt I was piecing before getting interrupted by life… but that is just a project for the sake of experience, and I am not that eager to get back to it. The quilt for mom will be the first thing I have actually made to give someone… and it is a pattern and fabric that I really like. So, since it is something someone is waiting for, it takes priority over my other projects. The only reason I have put this baby quilt before it is that it was small and quick, and Anna needs a good blanket to play on. But I guess I really should finish that Yellow Brick Road quilt before starting a whole new one. So, scratch that… the next thing is to finish the Yellow Brick Road quilt, then I’ll start the one for mom. All I have to do there is add the border and do the quilting, the top has already been pieced otherwise.