Last Day in California

Today is the last full day in California. I look forward to being back home with my critters, only worrying about one time zone, and getting back into a routine; but I definitely do not look forward to being back in the office. I will miss being able to work from the privacy of my hotel room. Not only is it quiet, but I don’t have to worry about juggling pregnancy symptoms while appearing professional and productive. This week I have had the luxury of working while lounging in pajamas, curled up on the bed or in the comfy (ish) chair in the hotel room. The days I have thrown up I could just go hang out in the bathroom for a bit without worrying about people wondering where I was, or if people were hearing me hork. I have now told my bosses at work, but no one else. I really don’t want to have to soothe people’s concerns upon hearing the lovely sounds of throwing up, which I know people will be able to hear if they are near the bathroom walls. I suppose I could always just tell anyone that asks me the truth, but I am still reluctant to make announcements until after the first trimester.

Next week I have to wake up and get presentable, then drive to work hoping I don’t have to vomit while driving. Then I get to sit at my desk all day even when I just want to curl up and take a nap, again hoping that I don’t have to vomit. Except when I am sitting in meetings and hoping I don’t have any sudden need to vomit. Pregnancy has also been messing with my IBS, which is another added layer of fun and anxiety. Please let the morning sickness pass quickly! As awful as I have been feeling I might have to ask for Zofran, but I was hoping to avoid taking medicine.