Jack Turns 4

I am making an effort to blog, see? Really I am. It isn’t my fault if this is boring! I just decided I should come up with something to write about, so here goes.

Yesterday was Jack’s 4th birthday. No, we aren’t the type that makes a huge deal out of our pet’s birthdays… but I have always thought it would be cute to put a birthday hat on Jack. So, we did :)

It is hard to believe he is already four years old. It doesn’t seem all that long ago that we were carrying him down the stairs at our Cary apartment because he was too small to go down on his own. He definitely isn’t small any more though!

For his birthday Jack got some new treats and a couple toys. Jack seems like a tired old man these days though… he played with the toys for a few minutes before losing interest and just letting Eddie have them. Jack doesn’t seem to care much about toys these days unless they have food stuffed in them.