It’s Canning Season!

I got into canning pretty late last summer, so I completely missed the majority of the berry season. The only jam I was able to make last year was raspberry, which is tasty… but I have been eagerly awaiting spring so that I could start making other jams.

Today I decided to try the farmer’s market for the first time since last fall to see what was available. I was a bit surprised to already see a lot of strawberries, as well as a variety of other things. I knew strawberry season was coming early, but I expected to wait a couple more weeks. They weren’t the prettiest strawberries I have ever seen, but who cares if you are smashing them all up?

The berries will probably taste better in a few more weeks, but I was too impatient. I picked up a bucket of them! I now have nine 8oz jars of strawberry jam. I am eager to crack open a jar in a few days and see how it tastes. All I have had so far was a taste of the little that was leftover in the pot. It tasted good, but was really sweet. I don’t mind though, it is just an excuse to get more berries in a couple weeks and try another recipe!

We also picked up some fresh apple cider at the market. I have a recipe for spiced apple cider jelly, which seems like a good way to use up 5 cups of that cider. There is no way the two of us will drink a whole gallon of cider. I just need to pick up a couple ingredients tomorrow!

I am so happy it is canning season again! I missed my weekend hobby. I just can’t wait for the boxes of canning tomatoes to pop up, so I can make salsa and sauces… it seems those are a hit with lots of people. And half the fun of canning is sharing!