Is it Friday yet?

Over the weekend we decided to take a break from all of our errands and splurge a little… we went to see WALL-E and have a nice dinner out to celebrate all the new and good things going on in our lives at the moment. Of the CG movies I have seen recently, I think Kung Fu Panda was more fun… but WALL-E definitely wins on the cute factor.

I wish we had more time to relax over the weekend, because this week is a very hectic one! Sean started a new job, and I have been promoted to a project lead. So, Sean has been going through his orientation and dealing with the usual “new guy” issues at work. I have been scrambling to catch up on a project I haven’t touched in 7 months while at the same time supporting other projects as well. It is only Wednesday morning and it already feels like it should be Friday.

Our evenings have been busy too, running errands and doing house related things. Last night we met with the lender to officially fill out our loan paperwork… seeing those numbers kind of makes this whole buying a house thing a little more real and a little more scary. But we are ready to own a home, and we are prepared for the financial blow it will be in the beginning.

The hectic part of our week is far from over. Tonight we will have a quick dinner and then Travis is bringing his dog Ivy over. We will be taking care of her until Sunday. Ivy is an adorable english bulldog, I think it will be fun to have her around.

Then, tomorrow, we will have the house inspection. I don’t really like leaving work early at this time for it… with Sean being in his first week at a new job and me still trying to catch up on the new position. Plus it looks like pretty much the whole team will be out tomorrow anyway. Not much to be done about it though.

I look forward to seeing the house again, and getting some measurements so we can get an idea of what we want to do about furniture. We are so ready to be in the house already… I hope July passes quickly.

I am so glad Friday is a holiday. After this week we really will need a long weekend. The weekend should be interesting too, as we will have Marie’s dog Lucy as well. We will have a house full of dogs! I think it will be fun though, I hope they all get along. It just makes me wish we were already in our house so we had the yard for them.