So my teeth suck. They don’t look that bad aside from a small gap, but my bite is off and I have one molar in particular that has a (to me) fairly severe cross bite that bothers me constantly because it has a pointy bit that hits my tongue. I also have jaw pain because of the misaligned bite.

I have been thinking about Invisalign for a long time. When I switched dentists a couple months ago I noticed they did Invisalign so I inquired about it, but she said the cross bite would be better treated by an orthodontist. So, while on vacation, I went to an orthodontist for a consultation.

The orthodontist visit was a little strange because everything seemed to be geared towards teenagers. They had video game consoles, TVs, bright colors, and even the orthodontist himself seemed to be trying to be “hip” with his dyed hair and photos of him playing Rock Band on the walls. I felt severely out of place. Which really just served to drive home the fact that I do not want traditional braces at this stage of life, so I was really happy with he said Invisalign would work for me. I told him I wasn’t going for perfect, I just want my bite to align better and I wanted the cross bite fixed.

Anyway, I still have time to back out if I decide I don’t want to go through the pain, hassle, and expense of it… but I don’t think I will. I am scheduled to go for impressions on Jan 3, and then it will take about two months to get the trays made. I can’t remember how long they I had to wear them right now, I think it was like 16 months or something. But from what I have read online it could be longer if they need to refine things or if teeth don’t move like they should. And then I get to wear a retainer for a while.

Reading people talk about it online it sounds like it will be a pain literally and figuratively, but they all seemed to say it was worth it got better over time. The way it works is you get all these trays made, and you progress through the trays every two weeks. There will be a “button” on the trays to attach rubber bands to for the cross bite correction. You take the trays out to eat and brush your teeth, but that is it. I will also need to clean the trays of course, because apparently they can build plaque up just like teeth can. And, joy, I will talk funny at first and maybe even drool. Another thing that sounds unpleasant is that the trays are said to be really tight at first, and hard to remove the first few days you wear each tray… with my luck I will rip a crown off with the trays.

I am definitely not looking forward to wearing or paying for the trays, but I am really excited about the prospect of having less jaw pain and fixing the cross bite. I just hope they really are invisible, or at least barely noticeable.