Introducing Eddie

So a couple months ago Sean’s grandmother got a puppy. The above photo was taken when we went to visit the puppy shortly after she got him. Eddie is a toy rat terrier, and is about 4 or 5 months old now. Eddie hasn’t been a good fit for her at all, so yesterday we agreed to take him.

Tomorrow we will have our pancakes and then head to Sanford to pick him up. After that it will be off to the pet store for our obligatory “new puppy” shopping trip. I am not even sure the dog has a collar! We will definitely need a crate and some small chew toys. I already set a vet appointment for him on Monday afternoon… ah, the fun of another pet is already beginning.

Did I mention Eddie isn’t house broken yet? So that is going to be fun. Jack was easy to train, but we got him at 7 weeks. I really hope Eddie does well with crate training. We had already planned on taking all of next week off of work anyway, so at least we will be home with him for that time to work on it.

I will try to take some good pictures of him soon. We have only met him once before, and at the time I only had my phone with me. Since puppies don’t sit still long it was hard to get a good picture of his face with the camera on the phone. He is pretty cute though, but then I suppose most puppies are.