Inside your world of wow…

So I re-upped my WoW account last night. I didn’t realize it, but it has been about 2 years or more since I last played my main character. At first I couldn’t remember how to play the character, but it all came back surprisingly fast. Now my only problem is really just that I can’t remember where things are. I am starting to find my way around a bit more easily, but it is annoying that I have to sit and think about where things are or fumble my way around until I figure it out. Oh well… I know where the important stuff is and the rest of it I am figuring out as I go.

There seems to have been lots of small improvements in the game since I last played, the most welcomed addition being voice chat. I haven’t tried it out yet, but it is great that it is now in-game. It also seems that my character is leveling a lot faster than in the past. Maybe it is two years worth of rested bonus! My character was a 45 when I picked it up last night, and now it is nearly a 47. That is a huge improvement over how long it took to reach 45 from 44. I remember thinking I would never make it to 45, and that was part of the reason we got tired of the game and quit playing (Sean was playing with me).

There also seems to be a bit less ganking since I was last in the game… or maybe I have just been lucky. I have been wandering around zones that were pretty much like bending over and asking for a ganking before, but now I have only been victimized twice and I am pretty sure it was the same asshole both times. There were a few other enemies that I passed that I could have ganked or fought with, but we would just mind our own business. That is much better than in the past!

So far I can’t decide if I am bored or enjoying myself. I think it would be more fun if I had someone to play with, but I don’t know anyone that is playing right now… at least not anyone that is playing alliance on my server, and I don’t feel like starting over as horde. If anyone has an alliance character please let me know… I can transfer to whatever server you are on. I am playing on Gul’dan at the moment, which is a high population server. I could probably even transfer for free if it is to a server with a lower population.

Once again I am suddenly finding myself awake well past midnight. I think that was one other reason I quit playing before. I can hear Sean snoring in the TV room. Guess I should go wake him up so we can both go to bed.

Update: Forget what I said about the ganking. It is as bad as ever.