I Won Something!

As part of the shop hop I did a couple weeks ago, I was entered in drawings for door prizes at each of the shops I visited. On Tuesday (9/23), Bernina called to let me know I had won their prize. Wow! I hardly ever win anything. Maybe I had good karma that day or something. The prize was a project bag full of little things like fabric, patterns, batting, needles, and a quilt pin.


It is always great to add fabric to my stash, so I am happy just to have won that. I like the little project tote as well, and it looks like it will be useful. The batting is polyester, which I have never used since I have always bought cotton; it will be good to have that on hand to try out as well. The pin is pretty neat, but not sure what I will do with it. I am not one to wear lapel pins, but maybe I can find something to pin it to. Can’t say I care much for the patterns, but maybe I can find a use for them one day if no one else wants them. The bag also had some “Pump Gloves” in it, which apparently are really made with the intention of using them to pump gas. Since they are in this bag of sewing stuff though, I have to assume they are meant to be used to help grip a quilt while free motion quilting. Or maybe to help you grip a ruler? I don’t know. I haven’t opened them yet, but they have little dots on them that look like grippy stuff. I have always just used Machingers gloves for quilting, but I will give these a shot. (if anyone is interested in the patterns, pin, books, or measuring tape… just give me a shout, I will gladly share)

In other news… I get a whole room to myself for sewing! Maybe. I asked Sean if I could move his computer to the bedroom (he actually had this idea a while ago) and take over the computer room completely… he agreed. I don’t really want the computer in the bedroom though. And I don’t really want to be sequestered to a lonely room for hours to work on my hobbies. So, I am going to try to arrange things so we can still fit the computers and all my sewing crap in the same small room. Could be interesting.

That project starts this weekend, and is going to take a long time to complete I fear. The first step is to get rid of the elliptical machine that is hogging what feels like half the room. I called Pro Source and they are coming to get it Monday! Yay! Which means this weekend we will be busy clearing a path to the machine… which means getting Sean’s desk out of the way. So really the first step is moving Sean’s computer to the bedroom I guess, which will hopefully be only temporary… but it will probably end up staying there a while. So, this weekend is going to be a busy one with rearranging the bedroom and computer room. Then, after we get rid of the elliptical Monday, I can start moving my sewing crap in and doing some more rearranging and purging of junk that is cluttering up the closet space.

At first it is going to be pretty cobbled together. I plan to bring in a folding table from the garage and make use of other things we already have around the house. As time goes on I am going to figure out what furniture will work best in there as I get a feel for how I use the space. This probably means a few Ikea trips are in my future, as the sewing tables I really want are stupid expensive.

Once I get settled in, the first thing I will do is construct a cutting table for myself. This is basically a counter-height table to cut fabric on, so I don’t kill my back. I saw lots of great ideas for this while Googling and wandering Pinterest.  While exploring one of those ideas I stumbled on a wood working forum where a nice (and presumably not a serial killer) man offered to give me a laminate table top to use in the endeavor. We will be going up to Franklinton to get that Sunday.  I have no idea what it looks like, but it is free! I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth by asking for a picture, but I am told it is a workstation top that is about 30″ x 42″ or so. No clue on the color or condition, but the price is right. Once I know the dimensions for sure, I will figure out what I want to use as a base for it… most likely a couple small book cases or something that would give me storage underneath.

So, if anyone comes across good deals on things that you think will help in the organization of my shiny new sewing room, let me know! That includes used stuff, clearance stuff, whatever. This has to be done on the cheap since it is all coming out of my craft budget. I will be on the lookout for a small computer desk to put my iMac on, probably some bookcases or storage cubes, boxes, bins, and things of that nature. And if anyone goes to Ikea and is willing to pick up a few things, definitely give me a shout! I have a growing Ikea wish list right now, everything from small storage bins to furniture.