House hunt over?

Today Sean and I both decided we were tired of looking for a house. So, we told agreed that we would look at three more houses and then make our decision. We set up the houses with our agent and then headed out after work.

We both liked first home we saw, but agreed that it was really not worth what they were asking for it. If it had been 20-25k less we probably would have put an offer on it… but it had a tiny kitchen and needed new carpet, plus the deck needed work.

After that we looked at two houses which actually turned out to be the same house with reversed floor plans. The first one we looked at was really nice, but at the top of our price range. It had an awesome back yard with a pool, but the kitchen was a little small and the master closet was too small for us. We still really loved it, and were very tempted to put an offer on it. The other house was not nearly as nice, and we immediately turned it down.

After turning down the last house we went back to the one with the awesome yard for another look. We sat around for a while debating it, and eventually told our agent we would think about it and let him know.

We then went to the incredibly convenient shopping center a few minutes from the house and discussed our options over some frozen custard. Eventually we came to the very difficult decision that the house was just not a good financial decision. Even though we could see ourselves happily living there for many years and the location was great, it would have been at the very top of our price range. Plus on top of the mortgage we would have eventually updated the kitchen and bathrooms, and the pool maintenance would have been one more added expense.

So, as our frozen custard turned into melted goop, we called the agent and told him we wanted to buy the new construction home we found on our first day of looking. We were very lucky because the house we liked was already being built… or at least planned. This means that we get to build a home for the same price as the one (already built) they are selling a couple doors down, maybe even less. And, we get to choose all of the fixtures and options in the home! They even agreed to move the garage over for us so we can have a little more yard. Luckily, we like all of the standard stuff… so we don’t have to spend tons of money on upgrades. We do get $10k worth of upgrades included though, which we will definitely be using for floors and counter tops.

We are anxious and excited. This is such a huge commitment, but we eager to own a home. We can’t wait to hear from the property manager and our agent tomorrow… we want to make the property officially ours. I wonder when we get to the fun part of picking out all of our options… I hope the next 5 months pass quickly!

Disclaimer: the house pictured above is not the elevation we have chosen for our home… while our house will have the same floor plan, the front will look more like this