Happy Pancake Day

We have been trying to get into the “spirit of the season” lately. Somehow it is hard this year. But, last weekend, we finally started our Christmas shopping. While we were at Crate & Barrel we picked up a couple fun-looking pancake molds, as well as some batter mix and syrup. We had been itching to try them out ever since, so we decided that today was Happy Pancake Day!

We truly expected it to really be Pancake Fail Day though, as we had our doubts about the molds, as well as about mix bought from a home goods store. There was a little trial and error at first, but we got the hang of it pretty quickly. We had one failed snowflake, and one slightly malformed snowman… but the rest turned out alright. The mix and syrup were surprisingly good; I think that is our new favorite syrup. And, somehow, the fun shapes seemed to make the pancakes taste even better! I want to scout out more fun pancake molds now. Maybe every Saturday can be Happy Pancake Day from now on.

After a yummy pancake breakfast it was time to go get a Christmas tree, which we had been putting for weeks. We first tried Lowes since they were nearby, but the selection was terrible and the trees were dry and squished from lying in a pile. Our second try was more successful, and we found several good candidates at the lot by Kohl’s in Brier Creek. After a short debate we finally selected what looked to be a good tree, and the tree people quickly lashed it to the car.

When we got the tree home and in the stand we quickly learned that trees look a lot larger once they are in your house. I think I recall a similar lesson with a TV. So, the place we had selected near the fireplace didn’t really work out… it ended up in the dining room. It isn’t the ideal location for a tree, but it fits and it is only for a few weeks. After quickly cleaning up the trail of pine needles that lead from one corner of the house to the other, it was once again time to head out.

We met several friends (that also happen to be guild mates) at Brixx for dinner, and then headed to Frankie’s. It was a lot of fun to watch the braver people ride go carts in 38 degree weather, although Sean and I weren’t about to do it! There were three kids in the group, the youngest of which was a three year old girl. It was so funny to watch her go round (two seater carts) because her head wasn’t even above the wheel. When they went past you could only see a tiny set of hands holding onto the steering wheel.

It wasn’t long before we headed back inside where it was warm. We had a lot of fun playing games and somehow ended up winning a lot of tickets at skee ball. Since we don’t really care much about tickets we gave them to the kids… it was fun to see them so happy about getting tickets. It made me recall the days when I would hang out in the arcade, collecting my tickets and gazing longingly at a shiny glass case full of prizes… but never having enough tickets for anything more exciting than chinese fingercuffs or a bouncy ball.

After Frankie’s Sean and I headed back home for a nice mug of hot cocoa while we decorated the tree. We haven’t quite finished the tree though, so no pictures yet. It just looks like it is missing something, but we are too tired to care about it right now. We decided to find some garland we don’t hate tomorrow… for now we are going to head to bed. We feel so old to be this tired at 10pm!