Happy New Year!!



This is a bit belated, but, Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas (or Hanukkah). Our Christmas was great, despite Anna having a cold and sharing with us. I spent the last half of my vacation miserably sick after the cold turned into what was probably bronchitis, which I am still getting over, and Anna still has a lingering cough as well. It seems like every time we go some place new with her we all end up sick. This time the culprit had to be the wooden train set in the Brier Creek Barnes & Noble’s kids section. This is the second month in a row we have all been sick. Maybe I should just keep her locked in the house until cold & flu season is over!

The best part of Christmas this year was of course watching Anna open her gifts and play with all her new toys and books. She did pretty well opening the gifts with only a little help from us, but as expected, the gift wrapping was just as fun as the actual gifts. Sometimes she wanted to play with the wrappings more than the gift, and other times she was too busy playing with her last gift to pay attention to the next gift that needed to be opened. Next year should be even more fun!

Now for the sewing update… so most of you can stop reading now :) I am considering splitting sewing stuff into a separate blog, since I think most people just read this for Anna updates. Domain name suggestions are welcome. The only thing I have come up with that isn’t already taken is robynsews.com and that is kind of lame. Or maybe nightlyquilter.com?

I have been taking a little break from sewing lately. After all the sewing I was doing before Christmas, and then all the Christmas presents I made, I was a little burnt out. Also being miserably sick twice in less than two months took a toll on my energy level. When I say “miserably” I am not being dramatic… I swear I haven’t been that sick in years, let alone twice so closely together. For Christmas I made coasters for my family and for everyone in Sean’s office. They weren’t really hard to do, I think I spent more time trying to decide what to make than I actually did making them. Hopefully people like them, or at least liked the cocoa, mug, and chocolates that were packaged with them. I put up some photos of the ones I made for my family, or at least most of them. The ones for Sean’s office were all the same and just had a company name embroidered on them, as requested. I think I made 20 or so coasters in total.

There are so so many projects I need to be working on right now, two of which I need to complete by the weekend. Considering it is already Wednesday, I am not sure that is going to happen. One of the two is the Under the Veranda bonus project that has been hanging around since early November, but I haven’t had time to complete it yet. Right now the fabric block for the bag’s exterior has been pieced together and is half-quilted. If I can just finish quilting it, the bag itself shouldn’t take long to complete. Of course, the trouble is that I have very limited time to work on it during the week. The next Veranda Club meeting is Saturday at 10:00am, which means I will probably be up late Friday if I have any chance of completing it before the meeting!

The second project I need to get done has a deadline of noon Sunday. There is a blog I follow that is having a sewing challenge over the next few weeks called Project Quilt. It was apparently inspired somewhat by Project Runway, but I have never watched that show so I can’t really say. Anyway, each week they announce the theme and criteria for the challenge, and you have one week to complete it and post a picture. The contestants are entered in a drawing for prizes each week, and a grand prize at the end if they do all of the challenges. I thought it sounded fun, but I don’t know if I really have the bandwidth to keep up with it.

The first week’s theme of inspiration was simply “Trees.” The project doesn’t have to be a traditional quilt, and it doesn’t have to actually include a tree. I poured over the internets looking for inspiration, and finally decided what I was going to do… and then spotted a cute fabric panel with a tree at My Sewing Shoppe and just bought that instead. It shouldn’t take any time at all to stitch that up, I will just put a border on the panel, then quilt and bind it for a wall hanging. I would like to have it completed in time to take as my other “show and tell” at the Veranda meeting, but I have a feeling I will be throwing it together Saturday night and submitting it just in time for the noon Sunday deadline.

The other projects on my ‘to do’ list are piling up as well. Cary Quilting Company is having a promotion in order to inspire people to get their UFO’s (unfinished objects) completed, and of course boost their sales by offering 10% off anything you buy to complete the projects. I have five quilts in various stages of completion that I submitted… hopefully it will be good motivation to get at least a couple of them completed! You get points for completing different steps in the process of making a quilt, and they will be tallying up the points on April first. I highly doubt I will get all five done, especially since two of them are quite large.

In addition to the aforementioned projects, I also have a new block of the month starting this month! If I remember correctly, the kit should be ready for me to pick up in about a week. It is only one block per month, so it won’t be too demanding. However, I have chosen to do the appliquéd version of the quilt sashing; needle-turn appliqué is a new thing for me, so I have signed up for a class on it that will be held January 17. I also have a class on quilt binding coming up this month, unless I choose to wait for the next one since this month is filling up for me. And at the end of the month I will have the second part of my long arm class, where I actually get to practice on the long arm machine. So, this is going to be a busy month for me! Actually, it is going to be a busy three months for me if I am going to get all of those UFOs completed in time for the UFO club deadline.

Despite all of that, I still want to start new projects! I have a problem. I know. I just keep seeing quilt patterns and saying, “ooo!” and then I find myself looking at fabric before I have to reel myself back in by thinking of the massive pile of work I already have hanging over my head.

I even have a few quilts with all the material ready and waiting for me, as well as several hand sewing projects, and like a million other patterns and ideas… yet I still find myself drawn to new things! For instance, just the other night I saw an adorable little stroller quilt pattern (it has ties to attach to the stroller) and I found myself ordering a couple charm packs thinking I could make two of them – one for Anna and one for Etsy. Bad, self. Bad! At least that one will be super fast to throw together, and I think it will be one of those nice little projects that I can give myself a motivation boost with by actually having another “finish” once the little quilt is completed.

My New Year’s resolution? Don’t buy any more projects until I have completed at least three of the ones I already have! I know I already broke that once this year, but I only made the resolution just now… so, starting now… I am not allowed to purchase anything for a new project (with the exception of Project Quilt) until I get at least three quilts completed. Three. I can do that. Right?