Anna is learning to use her hands! A few days ago I decided to pull out a rattle toy to see if she was interested in the sound yet, and unexpectedly she grabbed ahold of it. The first time it looked like it was accidental, so I didn’t think much of it, but decided to try again just to see. Again she seemed to grab it reflexively with her left hand, but then stared at it and very deliberately put her right hand on it! I pulled out more toys to see what would interest her, and it wasn’t long before she was grabbing things consistently.

Her favorite toys seemed to be this flat monkey with crinkly material inside and a pig that had some dangly feet that makes musical sounds when it is pulled, but she didn’t care too much about rattles. The monkey also has a high contrast print on its belly and big eyes, so she liked looking at him too.

After a couple days of her playing with her two favorite toys and getting more coordinated, we picked up an activity gym and a couple other grabby toys for her at Target. Anna seems to approve. She loves laying and playing with all the dangly things. Sean went a little overboard and has now added just about every toy we have that has a clip or strap to it, but she seems happy to have a bunch of stuff to look at and grab. (The picture above was taken before adding all the other toys. And yes those are skulls & crossbones… her daddy picked those out. Something about Skull Squadron.)

It is so amazing how quickly she gains new skills or grows bigger. It always seems like these things happen over night. One day she is wearing newborn size clothing, and the next she doesn’t fit them anymore. One day she seems to not realize she even has hands, the next she figures out how to chew her fingers, and then suddenly she is grabbing things and putting them in her mouth.