Anna is too little for candy, so we didn’t bother with trick or treating this year. On Halloween night we took a quick trip out for dinner, and Sean got the idea to dress her as Calvin (as in ‘& Hobbes’). So, he put her in a red shirt with stripes and let her carry her stuffed tiger toy. It was pretty adorable. That was the extent of her Halloween Night experience though.

Saturday we went to a party at a friend’s house, so we dressed in costume for that one. Anna wore a cute little dress, and the Little Red Riding Hood cape I made for her. The basket I was making didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped. It was too large and floppy, and I wasn’t really in love with the fabric combinations (it was all I had on hand that would work). In the end, I just took inspiration from the Japanese furoshiki and simply sewed a couple squares of fabric together, with some interfacing in between (leftover from the cape) to stiffen the fabric up some. Wish I had just done that in the first place… would have saved myself a lot of time and effort. Oh well, I guess the other will make a good jumbo lunch bag.

Somehow Sean convinced me to dress up as Red’s grandmother, while he bought a wolf mask for himself. This was the first time I actually dressed up for Halloween, or anything else, since… hmm, 2002? I must admit it was pretty comfortable though. I just got a granny-looking gown, house coat, knee high socks, and slippers from the store, along with an “Old Lady” wig from Party City.  I was really the only one of us that stayed in costume all night… Anna of course shed her cloak as soon as possible, and Sean could barely see in his mask so he wore it for maybe 5 minutes. No pictures of that unfortunately. My mother tried to snap a few of us, but the lighting was terrible so I am not sure any of them turned out. I didn’t really get any good pictures of Anna as Little Red Riding Hood either, but here is what I do have…

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There isn’t much else to report on the Anna front, the only new things I can think to share are that she is becoming a little climber and she is starting to figure out the whole eating with a fork thing. We blame the Tumble Gym (light heartedly of course) for her recent fondness of climbing. Whenever we get a big package of something, like paper towels, all she wants to do is climb and wallow on it. She has also discovered the stairs and likes to climb up the stairs, and would also climb up the outside (other side of banister)  of the stairs if we would let her. The window sills in the kitchen are also very enticing, as they are quite low to the floor. We definitely have to keep an eye on her these days! Fortunately she seems pretty good at sliding down off things like the couch by laying on her belly and swinging her feet over, but she hasn’t gotten the hang of that on the stairs yet. We installed a gate at the top of the stairs a while ago, but now we have to worry about the bottom of the stairs as well. We’ve been temporarily blocking the bottom of the stairs with her play yard fence, but yesterday I was able to find a gate that can be installed on a banister post… so that is next up on our to do list.

Watching her figure out eating with utensils has been fun, and messy. Anna isn’t so good at keeping things on a spoon, even though she did seem to try to put stuff in her mouth with it. So, I decided to grab a baby fork and see if she had any luck with that. Turns out forks are much easier that spoons. Eating with fingers is still easier half the time, and stabbing the food is still a work in progress, but if we help her out by loading the fork for her she does really well. Spoons though, require a little more assistance from us to hold them level while she guides the spoon to her mouth. At this point we hold no expectations about eating with utensils, it is still just a learning experience. Although she did eat practically her whole lunch with a fork today, and Sean reported the same for breakfast yesterday.

Now to go eat some cookies while I ponder what my next sewing adventure should be…