Grilled Peaches

Earlier in the summer I happened upon a seasoning pack for grilled peaches. The ingredients sounded tasty so I picked it up, stashed it in the pantry, and promptly forgot about it. Weeks later we were grocery shopping when I found some peaches that looked so perfect I just had to buy them.

A couple nights later I decided I would try out that seasoning packet, and serve them with some frozen yogurt we happened to have in the freezer. Sean was doubtful when I told him I wanted to grill peaches, but decided to humor me like a good husband. He of course absolutely loved it though, and called it a perfect summer dessert.

The peaches turned out great! So great in fact that I decided to look for other sauces/spices for them that I didn’t have to buy pre-mixed. It wasn’t long before we discovered exactly how tasty rum can be with a bit of butter and brown sugar. After looking at several recipes for inspiration, I came up with the recipe below. There is still plenty of room to play with it, and it might still evolve a bit more.

Unfortunately, the last couple peaches we have picked up haven’t been very good. I suppose we will have to wait until next summer to find peaches as succulent as the ones we had in July. This recipe is definitely going in our summer recipes book though!


Ingredients: 2-3 ripe peaches, 1 tsp cinnamon, and 1/2 cup each of dark rum, unsalted butter, and brown sugar (you can also add a bit of cumin and cardamom if you want)

  1. Pour rum into a small sauce pan along with butter, heat over medium heat
  2. When butter has melted, add brown sugar
  3. Simmer for a few minutes, until mixture becomes a bit syrupy then remove from heat and let cool a little
  4. Halve peaches and remove pit, then place in a container and pour sauce over peaches; leave sitting to marinate for an hour or so (i.e. while you cook and eat dinner)
  5. Grill, cut side down, until peaches are soft and the skin begins to curl up a bit along the edge. You can then easily pull the peach skin off, or leave it on if you don’t mind it. Serve with vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt.