Got my Clubby back!

I have my car back! I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I got back in it today. I love that car. But, given the list of stuff they did to it today… probably will be ditching it when the warranty is up.

What all was done?

  1. Passenger door pull was loose and driving me nuts when bass in my music rattled it, so they tightened that up.
  2. Fixed the oil leak which involved replacing a cable harness the oil had dripped on and the oil pump solenoid valve, gasket ring, and cover plate – this happened with Sean’s car too and there is a service bulletin about it so I assume it is common
  3. Replaced wiper blades
  4. Oil change
  5. Flushed brake fluid
  6. Resurfaced front brake pads
  7. Replaced front rotors
  8. New cabin air filter
  9. The timing chain tensioner was checked and declared fine (there is a recall where some seal rings are leaking)
  10. Coolant temp sensor was replaced due to recall, which involved a hose, adapter lead, spacer, strap, and antifreeze
  11. All fluids were topped and they washed the car

At least it didn’t cost me anything! Well, it did cost me $20 in gas I guess. The loaner was given to me with a “full tank” which of course wasn’t really full but I still had to fill it up before I returned it. $20 of gas for two days? In a Mini? Oh well, $20 for all that work isn’t bad at all. I just fear the day the maintenance plan ends!