Good news, we found the counters

We finally finished in the kitchen a few days ago, it feels great to finally have all the clutter off of our counters. They were so covered for the past week that I could barely see them, and now that they are clear of junk we continue to marvel at how shiny and mirror-like the granite is. It was also a relief to find that we have ample cabinet space, as we were a little worried about that. The only task remaining for the kitchen is to find some manner of spice rack for the pantry door.

Now that there are only a few odds and ends left downstairs, we are feeling pretty accomplished. Or at least, I was feeling that way until I looked in the computer room last night. There are still so many boxes in that small room that it is hard to navigate in there. Oh well, at least the rest of the house is somewhat orderly now. I think Sean and I are both kind of avoiding the computer room until we find desks anyway… so maybe we will just make the stacks of boxes a little more orderly for now.

The new grill I mentioned in the last post is great by the way, Sean made an excellent choice. We are loving the grill so much that we haven’t even cooked inside yet. Unfortunately it is supposed to rain all week though, so looks like we are going to break in the kitchen tonight. So far the only thing the oven has been used for was last night’s tasty cookie treat.

We also finally got the TV moved over this weekend, but still no cable or internet; that should come Sunday afternoon. Although Sean hooked up the PS3 last night for a much deserved break in housework, and played a little Grant Theft Auto. So I guess we at least have some form of entertainment in the house now… as long as you don’t mind sitting on the floor. We still don’t have any furniture! Although, we did order some for the living room (not the TV room) and it should be here Friday. So, at least we will have a place to sit and relax pretty soon. I am also hoping to find a futon or something for the TV room this weekend, but I am not sure how much time we will have for that between my grandfather’s out-of-town birthday party on Saturday, and the cable guy on Sunday.

Well, that is about all that is happening in our exciting lives at the moment… just continuing to settle into our new home and loving every minute of it.