Good Clean Fun

I have been obsessing over driving again, and in a way that is bad enough I just try to sit quietly and not bore the people around me with how much I would rather be “motoring.” So of course I’ve been finding every excuse to get us out of the house, in the Mini. This part is easy because there is a active Mini community in NC and they are always getting together at meets, track days, dinners, and recently a scavenger hunt. Yes, a scavenger hunt. I never thought I would attend another scavenger hunt once I stopped going to church. Turns out it’s a great way to spend time with Robyn (she is on the ball organizing the clues by location), a great way not to be working on the weekend, and lots of motoring time.

Some of the clues involved bringing something back, or showing your car in a picture with a certain object or place. Here are some of my favorite pics:

Show your Mini with a Smart car. The only car out there smaller, until the Fiat 500 hits dealers.

Show your Mini at Umstead Park.

Show your Mini next to a horse.

Show your Mini next to a school bus. Robyn insisted that a university bus would not count, so later we took:

Show a oversized dog in your Mini, thanks to some random guy with a big drooling dog.

Show your Mini at the Tucker House.

Show your Mini at a round bank. Probably my favorite of all of them, mainly because for some reason the driveway behind this bank is closed off and I went off road (grass) to get to the bank. Not that impressive now that I think about it, but I had fun then.

Show your Mini at the only 100% exotic animal hospital in Raleigh. With two iPhones at her disposal, no clue could escape Robyn.

In all we had a great time motoring around Raleigh all day. It seems Robyn had some stress and enjoyment out of organizing the clues by distance and point value. I enjoyed driving during the event. I’m not sure how long this “motoring” phase will last but Robyn likes it enough that she has agreed that we can go to the next event – a trip to the area surrounding Highway 129.