Fosters Day 2

The Foster’s experiment continues. Day 2 was the italian sausage hoagies with peppers & onions. This is not something we would have ever made on our own, as it isn’t exactly healthy and I am not really a fan of italian sausage.

I don’t think Day 2 went as well as Day 1. There were two large sausages in the tin, one was browned and the other was not. I am not sure the second one was cooked much at all, as the interior looked more un-cooked than the browned one. So, after following the “heat for 25-30 minutes” instructions, Sean took them out and tossed them in a pan on the stove. The sausage was okay, if I liked italian sausage I would probably think it was great. I mostly ate the veggies and bread. So it wasn’t an unenjoyable meal, just disappointed in how the sausage was [not] cooked and I felt like I should have been eating something healthier.

Tonight we will try the hanger steak…