Foster’s Concluded

I am not so sure I want to do this Foster’s thing again, unless we reach some period in our lives where we just can’t spare the time to plan out meals, shop, and then cook meals. But maybe my impression has just been clouded by feeling like crap the past couple days. Wednesday was our hanger steak night, but I woke up feeling terrible that day. Stomach stuff, general queasiness, and a light headache that I took to be either IBS, after effects of eating that sausage, or a combination of both. I think it really turned out to just be a herald of the migraine that took over that night though. So I didn’t feel like eating all day, and had to force down a few bites of the steak and sides. The steak wasn’t really flavored to my tastes, but then I wasn’t even wanting to put food in my mouth at the time. Sean seemed to like it though. I did manage to eat my bread and spinach, which was good.

Last night was the deciding point for me. We were down to the last two dinner options: Summer Hoppin’ John (or something like that) and Pesto Penne Pasta with Veggies. I was craving protein, probably from not eating much in the past couple days, so we went with the Hoppin’ John since it had beans in it. It was this mix of rice, scallions, beans, and a couple other things I can’t remember. It was unimpressive. It came with salsa to top it with, and it was the only thing that made it somewhat tasty. I shouldn’t be eating the salsa though.

It made me realize I don’t really like the lack of control over my menu. I was fine the first day because it was stuff I would have chosen anyway… chicken, spinach, cucumbers. But I would have never chosen sausage, the steak was meh, and the thing last night we only ate because it was there and paid for. Not so sure how the reboiled week old pasta will be tonight. Not sure why they even bothered to cook it really, I mean, it is pasta. If I have to reheat everything else they gave us for half an hour, why can’t I take 10 minutes to boil some pasta?