Finger Foods


Anna has finally started eating finger foods. For the longest time she would gag at any chunky foods, but she had a bit of a break through over Memorial Day weekend. Before that she was doing okay, but still gagging some, when we gave her easily mushed things like banana. As a result we were really hesitant to give her anything other than the pureed baby foods, despite the doctor telling us we could start her on finger foods two months ago… we would just occasionally try giving her soft things to see how she did.

Memorial Day weekend I decided to grab a muffin for breakfast. I was alone with her since Sean was at Animazement, so I decided I would just sit in the floor with her to eat while she played. Anna seemed really interested in the food, especially in the fact that I was eating with my fingers. So, I broke a bit off and offered it to her. Anna gobbled it right up and wanted more. I kept giving her little bits and she would immediately shove them in her mouth, where when we tried this before with things like banana she would play with it before it made it to her mouth more often than not. Apparently this kid loves muffins.

The next day I decided to get another muffin and try this out again, since my muffin was nearly gone by the time I had offered her some. Again she gobbled up whatever I gave her without gagging once. When Sean got home from Animazement I reported this to him, and she of course got to share another muffin so Sean could see her eat it. I was pretty tired of muffins by that point.

The next food she got was avocado, which she again ate without any problems. She made one heck of a mess with it, but she seemed to really like it. Then she got to eat some bread that I pinched off of my sandwich, and since she really liked that I gave her a bit of bread after she finished her usual pureed meals a couple times. Anna even got to try a little salmon when we went out to eat, which she also liked.

All that was over the course of the past week, so we are still really new at this real food thing. It is still a little scary. The following weekend (as in yesterday/today) we went shopping to restock the baby food bin, and picked up some more finger foods for her to try: some little puffs that dissolve easily that are made of grains and some made of yogurt. Last night and today she was snacking on those and really seems to enjoy them.

So it looks like we are entering a new stage!