First Snow!

IMG_0880 Anna got to experience snow for the first time yesterday, you can watch a video below. She absolutely loved it! I was a little surprised that Anna immediately tried to catch the snow on her tongue. Maybe her grandma taught her that while we were at work, she did say she let Anna put her toes in the snow earlier that day.

We didn’t let her stay out too long, only about ten minutes or so, since we were in the middle of cooking dinner when the snow started to really come down, plus we didn’t want her to freeze. When we brought Anna inside she cried and made it clear that she was not ready to leave the snow. That kid loves the outdoors, apparently it doesn’t matter what the weather is like.

I know I haven’t posted much lately, sorry about that. Recently Anna has been saying more and more “words.”  It is fun to watch her learn, and it is definitely entertaining to see how excited she gets when she knows the word for something. Nearly all of her words are just the beginning sound of the word though, and most start with a ‘b.’ Anna’s vocabulary now consists of box, bear, ball, hat, bag, flower, monkey, butterfly, and shoes. Although, the only word she says completely is still “shoes.” The rest are all more like bah, beaah, baah, ha, flah, mah, and fa-lie (as in fly, for butterfly). It is really hard to translate her sounds into text. She also says “baah” for balloon, but she probably just thinks they are balls so I won’t count that.

You have to listen carefully, but you can hear the difference in her words even though they are all very very similar at this point. Every time she sees one of these items, she is very quick to point it out and say the word repeatedly with the biggest grin on her face. Sometimes we could swear she also says mama, dada, banana, and bye bye… although these are too infrequent to be sure. Anna has also begun pointing at things, wanting you to tell her what they are. It won’t be long before she adds more words to her list!