Farewell, Mini :'(

Well, I did it. The Mini is gone. I am kinda sad. I loved that car and will miss it. But it just wouldn’t work with a baby seat and stroller, at least not work well. With the Mini there was no room for anything except the stroller in the trunk, which would make grocery shopping interesting. We of course have the truck, but that isn’t the best baby hauler either. The seat would fit easily, but the stroller would have to go in the bed, or be wedged between the front and back seats. The most ideal thing for the truck would have been a bed cover of some kind, but those aren’t always water-tight.

We could have waited to get it of course, but it would have been weighing on us until we had it taken care of. So, today we took advantage of what is technically the last day of the month and year for car dealerships and bought a 2013 Mazda CX-5, Grand Touring edition with the technology package in pearl white with black interior. It is well optioned and I like it, but I will mourn the loss of my Mini. I will try to remember to post a picture sometime soon. I have never liked white cars, but somehow this one just looked best in white so that is what I chose.

I am still waiting on some accessories because their parts department was closed for the holiday, and it was raining so I told them to put the detailing on the ‘We Owe’ as well… so I have to find time to out to Mazda in Cary again to have it cleaned and get the accessories I ordered (rear bumper guard, cargo cover, all weather floor mats, cargo area mat). They do offer loaners, so maybe if they get the stuff in this week I can just drop it off one morning or something. There are only a couple days left before I fly to California.

As far as the pregnancy goes, not much has changed since yesterday. Although I was more nauseated today, but that might have just been lack of eating since we were stuck at the dealership all day.