The fabric a kind lady from the Quilting Board forum sent me arrived a few days ago. I snapped a photo of the fabric and the patterns she sent, you can see it laid out on the table in the photos below. Some of the fabric will work well for her quilt I think, but others aren’t really going to fit. I can still add it to my stash for future projects though. There are a few fabrics in there that will be good for the “I Spy” quilt I have started collecting charms (5″ squares) for. The quality of the fabric isn’t the best, but it will be fine for projects that aren’t going to have a lot of wear. Anything I make this early in my quilting hobby isn’t going to be great anyway. It was really awesome of her, a perfect stranger, to send all this to us.



It will be a while before I start on mom’s quilt. Next time she comes up to visit we will plan out what to make for her. I have some fabric in my stash that might work with what was sent, so we can look through all the fabric options and pick a pattern. Should be fun!

In the meantime, I have started on my Flower Patch quilt. This one is going to be pretty tedious I think, just because of all the flying geese in it. There are 17 flowers in the quilt, with 8 flying geese each… so that is 136 total. Plus the inner petals are done with the same sort of method, so you might as well add another 34 to that number. I am getting faster at them as I go, but they are a little demanding just because you have to get everything lined up right and press them as you go. So the process is: (view flying geese link so this makes more sense)

1. draw a diagonal line on the square from corner to corner, this is the stitch line
2. line up a square on the left and stitch it
(potentially add a step here to rip the seams and do it over if it isn’t lined up right)
3. Trim off excess material
4. press to set stitches
5. fold seam toward rectangle and press it
6. repeat 2-5 for right side of rectangle, only pressing seam toward square
7. spray with starch and press the whole thing
8. repeat 170 times…

Below is a photo of the fabric cut and ready for piecing. I have them grouped in a bundle for each flower. I will go through and sew all the components for the flowers, then lay them out to make sure I like the colors I have put together before I sew the whole block (that makes the flower) together, in case I want to swap some colors around. This also means that I haven’t chosen the blocks for the flower centers yet, I am waiting until I see all the flowers mocked up before I decide what to use for the centers.

Although it is dim, the first photo is fairly accurate for colors, but the second is not. The solid fabric in the second picture is a light cream color, but it looks more yellowish in the picture. You can actually see the cream fabric in the first picture up top, folded on the table under a ruler. The color still isn’t exactly right in that photo, but it is a heck of a lot closer than the photo below.

The second pic below shows the first flower components I pieced. For the rest of the flowers I am not piecing the inner petals yet (the large square) because I want to make sure I like my color choices while I can still easily swap the outer petals around. I just did the first one so I could see how things were going to fit together. If I regret sewing those together later I can always rip the seams and swap the fabric.