Discovered Another Spice Shop

We’re taking it easy this weekend. No canning, no smoking, no big house projects.

Today was just a laid back day. Sean had a hair cut scheduled this morning, so I got to sleep in while he went out to take care of that. When he got home we had a tasty BLT brunch using some persimmon tomatoes we grew ourselves. I know I know, I shouldn’t be eating tomatoes because it causes my rosacea to flare up… but these didn’t really seem to bother me that much. Maybe it is the lower acidity, I dunno.

I had never had a persimmon tomato before and was surprised to see the inside is different from your usual tomato. Instead of having those large seed pockets your typical red tomato has, the persimmon tomatoes were pretty meaty with lots of little seed pockets marbled through it. And they are huge! The persimmon tomatoes are more than a pound each, and one slice covered the entire piece of bread. We have a lot of tomatoes out there, so if anyone wants some please let us know. I am still amazed we succeeded in growing them. Those tiny little seedlings we planted in the spring are taller than me now! I totally underestimated how much they would grow when we planted them.

Food devoured and a few chores done, we decided it was time to head out. After stopping for a quick visit with Sean’s grandmother we headed to Cameron Village. I spotted a spice shop I had never noticed before named Penzey’s, and just had to stop in. We usually buy our spices from Savory Spice Shop in Lafayette Village, but it is a pretty long drive. Cameron Village is closer than Lafayette, so I was hoping Penzey’s would be a good alternative.

Well, it isn’t. If I need something that is hard to find, and I happen to be in Cameron Village, I would buy from them… but I just don’t like the shop. Not only is it more expensive, but it just lacks all of the appeal that Savory has. When you walk into Savory you immediately feel welcome. Savory is small and has a warm, inviting atmosphere. The moment you walk in the proprietors greet you and ask if they can help.

At Penzey’s the one cashier said nothing to us, it was too bright, too “arranged” and the classical music was too loud. I found myself speaking softly and the other customers seemed to share the feeling, as everyone seemed afraid to make any noise. It was like a spice museum. The only thing I can say for Penzey’s is that they do have a larger selection, including the sweet curry power that I was trying to find ages ago. But I don’t plan on shopping there unless I have to.


Things learned since last post:

  • There is a Southern Season Outlet store I had never heard of before??
  • If your soup turns out too salty, add in some cooked potato to absorb the salt
  • Persimmon tomatoes look like this inside:
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