Day 9: Sanjusangendo & Kiyomizudera

Robyn is happy and Buddha is angry. Robyn is happy because she found the corner store that sells ready made peanut creme sandwiches. Buddha is angry because I did not clean my hands before entering Kiyomizudera, and when I went to pick up a monk’s training staff (note… there were 2 staffs, both made of solid metal and one was heavy and the other was ridiculously heavy – picking them up is a sort of contest of strength) I heard a nice crackle in my wrist and it’s hurt me ever since. Other than that today was great.

Sanjusangendo is a very long hall with 1,001 kannon statues, and 28 more representing the Japanese take on the Buddhist Gods. It was very interesting to get to read the significance of each statue. Typically statues in temples do not have bi-lingual explanations nearby. I won’t go into what each statue was because there were just too many. (See pic below, taken from

After a short bus ride and walk, we found Kiyomizudera. It’s based on a waterfall from a mountain, where a famous warrior learned about the shame in killing any living being from a monk, and ended up financing a temple in that very spot where he learned his lesson from the monk. Kiyomizudera is on the side of a mountain, and we relaxed quite a bit enjoying the breeze while we were up there.

We were also interviewed two times today by school children, apparently there was an assignment floating around to meet people that spoke English, share names, and ask them a question. We gladly obliged the middle school students. The first set asked us if we knew about anime and which ones we liked. I think we gave them plenty of answers between the two of us.